10 Saddest Character Exits From Black TV Shows

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A good TV show will have you so invested in the story that characters can often feel like best friends — family, even! That’s why it can be damn-near heartbreaking when a fan-favorite actor decides to leave, or their character is written off midway through the season.

Fans of Showtime’s hit series The Chi have been admittedly in their feelings this past week after it was revealed that co-lead star Alex Hibbert, who plays central character Kevin Williams, will not be returning following last Sunday’s airing of the mid-season finale, “Who Shot Ya?”



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The character development of Kevin Williams on The Chi over these past six seasons was a unique growing experience to watch in that Hibbert himself was literally maturing before our very eyes along with his fictional counterpart. It was great to watch Alex endure that journey from preteen into a young Black man from all aspects, and we wish him nothing but the best in his acting career as he prepares to take on Young Hollywood as a star in the upcoming Good Burger 2 sequel. Us Chi fans will miss you, though! We couldn’t help but be reminded of a few other unforgettable character exits in Black television history that will still give any respecting TV aficionado the chills — the ones with a heart, at least!

Not only should we give you a huge spoiler warning — SPOILER ALERT! — but some of these clips we featured below also display serious situations of self-harm, so we respectfully give a trigger warning as well. Other than that, grab a box of tissues because you will not make it through this list without getting a little misty-eyed.

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Keep scrolling to watch some of the saddest character exits from classic Black TV shows. Although they won’t make it to a reboot in the foreseeable future, these dearly beloved fan-favorites will forever be in our hearts:

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1. James Evans, Sr. in ‘Good Times’ (1976)

Played by:
John Amos

2. Toni Childs in ‘Girlfriends’ (2006)

Played by:
Jill Marie Jones

3. Melanie Barnett-Davis in ‘The Game’ (2012)

Played by:
Tia Mowry

4. Wes Gibbins in ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ (2016)

Played by:
Alfred Enoch

5. Camilla Marks-Whiteman in ‘Empire’ (2016)

Played by:
Naomi Campbell

6. James St. Patrick aka “Ghost” in ‘Power’ (2020)

Played by:
Omari Hardwick

7. Pray Tell in ‘Pose’ (2021)

Played by:
Billy Porter

8. Big Teak in ‘P-Valley’ (2022)

Played by:
John Clarence Stewart

9. Jerome Saint in ‘Snowfall’ (2023)

Played by:
Amin Joseph

10. Billy Baker in ‘All American’ (2023)

Played by:
Taye Diggs

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