Commemorating The 65th Anniversary Of ‘The Kissing Case’

Source: Rick Lanier / Getty A bright, warm afternoon in late October 1958, in rural Monroe, North Carolina: two Black children, nine-year-old James Hanover Thompson and his eight-year-old friend David “Fuzzy” Simpson, were playing with a group of white boys and girls in the yard next to one of the white children’s homes. Jim Crow […]

Donald Trump Violates Federal Gag Order, But Will He Actually Go To Jail For It?

Source: Handout / Getty Welp, we predicted it. Donald Trump was apparently unable to keep his bile-bloviating trap shut in compliance with a gag order issued by federal Judge Tanya Chutkan. Now, obviously, this is like predicting a ball that was tossed in the air will come back down, but the point is it happened, […]

State of Israel Sues United States for Centuries of Slavery and Genocide

De Jure Hebrew State demands Reparation on behalf of Transatlantic Slavetrade Descendants Atlanta, GA, October 31, 2023 … Today, Lord Tsemach Yada ben David of Israel announced that she is prosecuting a case against the United States in the U.S. Supreme Court, pursuant the law of nations. The suit is for breach of State obligations […]