25 Best Black Christmas Albums Of All Time

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Tis the season for singing!

We hope everyone is gearing up to have a blessed and love-filled holiday weekend in however way you decide to celebrate. Whether alone or alongside many, one thing that will be a shared activity across America is listening to some of the classic tunes of the season at hand.

Christmas albums have become so popular that Billboard has a whole separate chart specifically to track the success of songs about having a “holly jolly Christmas,” wondering if it “feels like Christmas” or simply crooning about making it “home for the holidays.” 

Before we started on the subject at hand though, do us a solid and answer a quick holiday-themed question over on our Instagram:


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Going even deeper into the holiday spirit of song, there’s no denying that some of the greatest X-mas LPs have been made by Black musicians. We don’t even need to mention Boyz II Men or the unofficial (for now!) “Queen Of Christmas” herself Mariah Carey to make the message clear, but there’s a good chance that you’ll be playing holiday jams with a touch of soul when the time calls for it.

With the number 25 in mind for obvious reasons, we put together a playlist of the greatest Christmas albums made by Black musicians that will fill your home with all the melanated love available during this holiday season. Play one, or do yourself some musical justice and play them all — keep the sounds going for as long as you need it to suit those seasonal vibes!

Keep scrolling for our song selections of 25 Black Christmas albums worth spinning or streaming while opening gifts, sitting around the table for dinner and/or just winding down for a night to appreciate the simple gift of life. As always, let us know if we skipped over your faves:

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