African American Women In Cinema Film Festival Honors iOne Digital’s VP Of Video Tanya Hoffler-Moore Honored As Trailblazer

Source: Tanya Hoffler-Moore

The vice president of video at iOne Digital, the online arm of the formidable Urban One media empire, is being honored as a trailblazer at this year’s African American Women in Cinema (AAWIC) Film Festival.

Tanya Hoffler-Moore is one of four award-winning Black women being honored at the 24th installment of the AAWIC Film Festival, which is set to be held in New York City later this month.

Specifically, the AAWIC Film Festival is recognizing Hoffler-Moore as a “trailblazer honoree.”

“When I think of storytelling through film, I think of it as a deeply spiritual experience and arguably one of the most powerful mediums of entertainment,” Hoffler-Moore told NewsOne when asked why filmmaking was so important to her.

“You can transport anyone, anywhere on the globe to made up universe, unknown worlds or simply parts of our world we’d never dare to explore in real life. Movies aren’t just an outlet, they allow us to look inward. Films can challenge our way of thinking, seeing and believing… they literally have the power to shape how we see the world, how we treat others in it and what we may even consider just, fair and worth fighting for. Films can touch a person in ways that parenting and schooling sometimes can’t because there are no limits to the art-form. You can pair choreography and music with architecture and exceptional acting and visual effects and set design and costume design and sound design and animation and life-changing storytelling and more… Filmmaking is the ultimate craft and it’s everlasting!”

iOne Digital couldn’t be more proud of Hoffler-Moore, who’s been working in her current capacity since 2021, including oversees video content ranging from celebrity-driven series to NewsOne’s Black Folklore, which explores extraordinary untold tales from Black American history.

Prior to joining the iOne Digital family, the proud Howard University alumnus who is also a member of the Writer’s Guild of America earned television writing credits ion shows like “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” and “Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns” and produced video content for major cable, digital and social media networks.

Aside from Hoffler-Moore, “trailblazer nominee” honorees at this year’s AAWIC Film Festival include Jaunice Sills McSwain — the Sr. Director, DEI Production and Creative Partnerships on the NBCU LAUNCH team at NBCUniversal — and Monda Raquel Webb — an award-winning author, filmmaker and performing artist.

Lamonia Deanne Brown, a creative executive, filmmaker and film festival specialist who is also the founder of The Gilchrist Group LLC, is set to be recognized as the AAWIC Film Festival “pioneer honoree.”

The AAWIC Film Festival bills itself as “one of the most celebrated female film events in the country” that has placed “its luminous spotlight onto ambitious women filmmakers from all over the world” each year since 1998.

It is set to take place March 21-23.

In addition to the honorees above, the AAWIC Film Festival schedule includes an exclusive screening of “Mother Knows Best,” a film by Monda Raquel Webb, and keynote panels about topics that range from producing independent films to focusing on women of color film editors.

To learn more about the AAWIC Film Festival, click here.


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