Alabama School District Promises ‘Disciplinary Action’ For Students’ Racist Snapchat Messages


Once again, Snapchat has become the platform of proof that anyone under the impression that racism is going to die out with older generations of white people is in for a rude awakening. It appears that white kids still view Snapchat as the perfect gathering space for Caucasian teens in predominately Caucasian school districts who stage mock slave auctions and George Floyd reenactments, use racial slurs, call for a return to slavery and for the deaths of all Black people, and, apparently, advocate for lynchings.

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According to, Oneonta City Schools officials announced Wednesday that three students from the Alabama district reported a Snapchat message between several other off-campus students that was “offensive and divisive,” which is basically administrative official speak for, “racist, violent and very on-brand for American white supremacy.”


Here are some quotes from the screenshots. (They contain racist language):
“Pitchforks and cotton plants and signs that say negro bathroom this way”
“Whites only but if we were all gorilla, that would be funny as”
“Wait but hear me out. Half gorillas, half kkk”
“Team bonding?”
“I have a clan meet on hoco so dk if I’ll be at the game. I’ll get everybody costumes while I’m there.”
“Lets bring candles and nooses to school while wearing it. Hang the blacks.”
Between these kids and the University of Alabama football fans who were recently caught on camera telling Black Texas players to “go back to the projects,” it’s starting to feel like a lot of folks in Alabama are still mad about the Caucasian smackdown in Montgomery last month. Either way, it’s always unclear what, if anything, officials are going to do to hold the offenders accountable.

“I’m proud of the students for reporting this to their administrators as it speaks highly of them and their rapport with their administrators,” Oneonta City Schools wrote in a Facebook post. “The administrators immediately researched the Snapchat messages to gather facts and a decision was made to take immediate disciplinary action against those involved. Our schools will not tolerate this type of behavior.”


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