Bad Boy Records Publishing Rights From Diddy Reportedly ‘Worth Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars’

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Artist, entertainment mogul and Bad Boy Records founder Sean “Diddy” Combs is making an unbelievable move in support of artists and songwriters. Diddy plans to give publishing rights back to Bad Boy’s artists, which is reportedly very lucrative.

According to Variety, sources close to Combs say that he has “decided to reassign his Bad Boy publishing rights back to all Bad Boy artists and writers who helped build Bad Boy into the powerhouse it is today.”

At the height of Bad Boys Records’ successes, it was a normal practice for record labels and label owners often claimed a portion of an artist’s publishing rights as part of a contract. This old way of thinking is frowned upon in the music industry today. Many artists and songwriters have become more aware and involved in the music business and understand the true value of owning all of their publishing.

The specific details haven’t been revealed, but Billboard reported that the process of reaching out to artists and songwriters started back in May 2021. Artists Faith Evans, Ma$e, The LOX, 112 and the estate of Biggie Smalls have already signed agreements to reclaim their publishing rights.

The Los Angeles Times reported that “the assets are said to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.”

The newly restored publishing rights also pave the way for past artists signed to Bad Boy Records to release some of the music that never came to light throughout the years.

Ma$e’s longtime friend and collaborator Cam’ron confirmed the news about the publishing rights in an Instagram post last week and suggested the former Bad Boy rapper will do just that.

“He just got his publishing back from Puff,” Cam’ron, who along with Ma$e co-hosts the popular online sports talk show, “It Is What It Is,” said in an Instagram post about the “Harlem World” rapper. “Just finished the paper work for that yesterday. Congrats @rsvpmase while he getting his music back in order, I’m dumping my hard drive pause. The lost files vol 1. Sept 8.”

Could there be more lost music files released with new ownership granted back to these artists? We will keep you updated on the story.

Diddy may have gotten bitten by the philanthropic bug recently.

In addition to giving the former Bad Boy artists their publishing rights back, Diddy just last week pledged $1 million to Jackson State University’s athletics program.

A video posted to the 53-year-old’s Instagram account captured him presenting the whopping $1 million check to Jackson State University Acting President Dr. Elayne Hayes-Anthony, and Vice President Ashley Robinson, during the Jackson State Tigers’ victorious kick-off event against the South Carolina Bulldogs in Atlanta. Students and Jackson State’s inimitable cheerleading squad gathered around the business titan to accept the big award.

In the caption, the “Mo Money Mo Problems” hitmaker thanked his grandmother for teaching him the importance of giving back. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for HBCUs. It is my honor and my responsibility to support the HBCUs! “ Diddy penned. “The work they are doing is to be commended! My grandmother raised me to sow my seed in my community and that’s what I’m going to continue to do!!”


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