Black Influencers To Follow On TikTok

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Black TikTok influencers are killing the game with relatable and captivating content that is for us, by us. A recent Nielsen study found that Black creators “generate a higher media value compared to non-Black creators in fashion, lifestyle, and gaming.” The same report showed that Black creators outperformed their non-Black creator counterparts in terms of follower growth and interaction rates.

Black TikTok Influencers

Despite the reigning dominance of Black culture on social media, white TikTok creators are still out-earning Black creators by 35%. To bridge this gap, we need to be active consumers of our content. Ultimately, what we give our attention to online yields money for the person on the other side. Here are a few Black influencers at the top of their game on TikTok that you should hit the follow button on ASAP. 

Monet McMichael


felt the need to share YOU ARE THE ISHHH YOU HEAR ME?!! lets chit chat and get ready together I LOVE YOUUUU

♬ original sound – monet mcmichael

Monet is a social media aesthetics icon. The 23-year-old rose to fame with her “Get Ready With Me” videos which are loaded with makeup tips and style looks to die for. She has 3.7 million followers watching her every move, whether it’s to the gym or a chic night out on the town. She’s also an educated girlie, holding a degree in nursing from Rutgers University. 

Khaby Lame

Lame is the owner of one of the most followed TikTok accounts in the world. He skyrocketed to social media fame after he launched his comedic account in 2020. The Senegalese 23-year-old has amassed over 161 million followers since then, and 6 of his videos are on the 25 most-liked list on TikTok. He said he was inspired to start making content after he was laid off from his factory job.


A glass and some ice #comic #learnfromkhaby #2024

♬ suono originale – Khabane lame


Jackie Aina 

The G.O.A.T makeup insta-influencer, Ms. Jackie Aina herself, slays just as hard on TikTok. The Nigerian-American entrepreneur also serves up date night on the town-style content and lifestyle hacks from inside her cozy, plush mansion. For non-stop luxurious living inspo, Jackie is your girl. 


Replying to @paulreactss Let’s talk PERFUME !! #perfumetok #filters #bulgari #bvlgariparfum #arabperfume

♬ original sound – Jackie Aina



Eni Popoola, AKA Engivensunday announced on March 22, 2023 that she resigned from her role at a corporate law firm after her employer threw a fuss about her making money from beauty content she posted online. Haters. Popoola shared in a viral video at the time that she never hid her beauty influencer work from her job, but she was ready to move on from the attorney life anyway. Popoola’s internet-Queendom has now soared to 334,00 followers and 14 million likes on TikTok. 


#barexam #lawyersoftiktok #lawyerlife #lawschool

♬ original sound – Enigivensunday

.Miss Evelyn

If you go bananas for stunning lip liner and lipstick combos, you’re going to love Miss Evelyn’s content. This beauty queen from the UK features lip combos of the day, with a wide palette of colors to choose from like browns, reds, and nudes. 


this colour @Fenty Beauty icon velvet lipstick in Wicked Whine #liptutorial #lipcombo #fentybeauty #vamplips

♬ original sound – ci



Wisdom Kaye has to be the owner of one of the most stylish pages on TikTok. The influencer, who touts over 9 million followers, is signed to modeling agency, IMG. He shares his fashion-house-gifted threads with his audience or shows the behind-the-scenes of catwalks to his eager followers. He even designs looks for himself inspired by anime superheroes. 


Replying to @user9381720148560 like what??

♬ original sound – Wisdom Kaye


Uche Natori


This London-based beauty influencer is known for her sharp and precise cat eye. So if you’re looking to master yours, smash that follow button. She also is so flawless with the makeup brush, that she boasts about her beauty-filterless photos. 


no beauty filter, don’t play with me

♬ original sound – NATORI

Corporate Erin

Lisa Beasley, AKA Corporate Erin, is a comedian who uses her platform to entertain the masses with her skits mocking the absurdities that come with working a 9-5. She launched her platform in 2021, but her following picked up speed quickly. Apparently, everyone wanted to join in to laugh at the pain of corporate minutiae. 


Hi, #CorporateErin here taking over social media for Lis. If you have any questions regarding my new position, please follow up with me in the comments. Im only here to do whats best for the business.

♬ original sound – Lisa Beasley


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