Black Thought Leader 19 Keys Opens Up About The Spiritual Message That Has His Popularity Blowing Up

19 Keys attends 2023 A3C Conference day 1 on September 29, 2023, in Atlanta, Georgia. | Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Following a sold-out national tour – the next stop is January 15th in Denver, Colorado– Black thought leader 19 Keys sat down with radio/ TV personality and host Jazmyn Summers to chop it up about the spiritual message that has his popularity blowing up. He’s already amassed almost one million followers on Instagram.

Why do you think your message is resonating with so many people?

I was always taught the right idea at the right time equals success. A lot of us are missing that spirit of discernment to determine what is the right choice for us. What is that right idea and right time. Guidance is missing. I believe that’s what resonates particularly now when we have a very spiritually dry culture and have been left an illiterate society in multiple categories, including financial literacy.

Source: Jazmyn Summers

You say you were raised by strong Black men and had a unique education? Why was that so important to your upbringing?

I didn’t go to public school until middle school. I went to a school called Elijah’s Educational Center in Oakland that really helped me form my mind. Most schools when you reach a certain age then you go to the next grade. Elijah’s creates a curriculum based on your actual intelligence. If they believe that you can handle the next degree of English or math or science, then that’s where you go. It wasn’t based on the curriculum that the government gives. Being taught by men and women who knew themselves, they taught me how to know myself and gave me the ability to be strong at a young age.

When you were a teenager you faced false accusations of assault? How did you deal with that?

I beat that case but I feel that there was a reason I went through that trial, that tribulation. At the time I was accused of being a part of an assault and I was not guilty. Somebody tried to snitch on me and say that I was somewhere that I wasn’t. I ended up dropping out of college because of that and I never even ended up going back. The trial forced me to go on a journey of teaching myself. I studied the law. I studied different schools of knowledge. I was really trying to figure out how the hell do I get myself out of this situation? I did not want to be dependent upon a lawyer or put my freedom in somebody else’s hands.

That was a pivotal moment for me. How many other young men and how many people in the world go through this and they don’t have that sort of mindset where they can get themselves out of a situation that they find themselves in. And sometimes people don’t get a second chance to make a mistake again. They get caught up in their first mistake. Now they’re thrown in a system now and we don’t get to see their potential unfold.

Why do you do what you do?

Because it’s within me. It’s in me and on me. When I was younger, I used to always feel I had a calling. I’ve always believed I was chosen. I’ve always believed that I had a destiny. We grew up in Oakland, California, and St Louis. We was growing up in the streets, in a wild environment. We had no money. We was on EBT. Even the days growing up in St. Louis with people getting shot at, people trying to kill you for no reason. You outside just mobbing. But I used to never think that those days were going to be my last day because I always thought that I had something that I was living for that was greater than me being killed in the streets. That was my mentality even as a young child. I’ve always tried to figure out what is the reason that I’m here for.

You are married to a beautiful Black woman and you talk a lot about relationships and Black love. Spit some of your thoughts for us on that.

Black men were born with the duty of making black woman feel special and protected. For young rich Black gods it’s what we do on the daily. I’m nowhere near perfect. I’m a growing man, always trying to learn to be better. I grew up in crazy environments, man. That gives you a lot of things that you have to heal from. It gives you a lot of trauma that you have to unlearn. It gives you a lot of examples that you have to unlearn and reprogram. We forget 50 percent of marriages work out, I really want people to start looking at it like that. But when we don’t go through the proper healing within ourselves, we don’t even know why we’re continuing in these negative cycles that we do when it comes to relationships. You have to heal your inner child. You may grow up in chaos so you find peace boring. By the time you meet a person, they’re not just dealing with the part of you that they like, they’re dealing with the part of you that’s unhealed. They’re dealing with the child that was abandoned. They’re dealing with the child that’s seen chaos in a household. So, your view of love is now skewed.

Do you believe in traditional roles for men and women?

Back in the day, women were trained whether it was from the grandma or the women of that community telling you this is how men think, this is how men move, this is what men like. And men were taught the same thing. This is what you got to do for a woman, this is how to provide, these are the expectations. We no longer have that training anymore and we don’t have the skill set of relationship and family building. There are specific roles. Men should protect women. You can’t have an effeminate man and a protector at the same time. Men would tell you almost 100 percent that they want a feminine woman. He’s talking about a woman that is in connection to her nature, the soft elements that make her who she is, the virtuousness. But many women you will find a man that you vibe with, and he might not have those things on your list, but he gives you the butterflies, not because this is the best thing for you, but because this is what you’re used to.

We create emotional connections to fictional characters that represent these ideological centers of who we think we are. You want to be this Barbie girl living in the Barbie world. You want to be this princess that gets everything: ‘I don’t want to help with the kingdom Just bring me bags and clothes and shower me .’That’s this Disney character archetype that’s been shoved into the programming of little girls,. A queen is going to be ‘Im going to help build this kingdom, but Imma need equity. I want 50 percent of what we’ve built together’. She’s going to help you multiply what you have. A princess just wants to take.

The war in Gaza is largely funded by U.S. taxpayers. Over 20,000, mostly civilian Palestinians, have been killed including over 6,500 children. World health and human rights organizations say Israel has created a humanitarian disaster and people are facing famine. What are your thoughts?

What’s happening in Palestine is nothing short of apartheid like colonization was in South Africa. It’s nothing short of genocide and we’re paying for it. This has nothing to do with the support of Jewish people. It’s about humanity. There’s no justification to slaughter and murder innocent children. There is nobody forcing you to drop bombs on children. Anti Zionism is not anti semitism, it’s about supporting humanity.

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Any parting thoughts?

We’re living in a time where the way you use your beautiful mind and your brain matters more than anything at any other point in time. We have access to incredible tools, technologies such as AI, the internet, blockchain, all these different things, information, but none of that matters if you don’t have anything in your mind, a vision, a goal, a destination. The best way to stand up for God is to speak truth. When you speak truth. You are a direct ally of God. When you are quiet, you are afraid to stand up for God. I want people to reconnect to God, reconnect to their nature, learn how to utilize their mind, learn how to take advantage of the time that we are living in so that we can have power for good.

You can keep up with 19 Keys at and follow him on Instagram  and Facebook.

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

You can catch the full conversation below:

Source: Jazmyn Summers

Article and interview by Jazmyn Summers. Please don’t forget to subscribe to her YouTube. Follow her @jaztalk1 on Instagram and Facebook.


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