‘Black Twitter: A People’s History’: List Of Social Media Influencers Featured In Hulu Docuseries

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Onyx Collective debuted its upcoming Hulu docuseries, “Black Twitter: A People’s History,” at SXSW Festival over the weekend. The company also announced some of the Black Twitter contributors in the series. Check out a teaser trailer for the upcoming series below.

The Prentice Penny-directed docuseries is based upon producer, Jason Parham’s WIRED article “A People’s History of Black Twitter.” The three-part docuseries charts the rise, the movements, the voices and the memes that made Black Twitter an influential and dominant social media force in nearly every aspect of American political and cultural life.

Onyx partnered with Penny’s entertainment company A Penny For Your Thoughts, Culture House Media and Wired Media to produce this exciting new documentary series that will take viewers on a ride through the eyes of cultural commentators and political figures throughout the Black social-political movement.

Last Friday night, “Black Twitter: A People’s History” hit the Austin streets at SXSW Festival to get real commentary from the people who make up the platform formerly known as, Twitter. The docuseries premiered at the festival Friday night and began trending on the social media platform now known as, X. It’s safe to say fans are excited for its Spring release.

Some of the contributors fans can expect to see in the docuseries include:

TJ Adeshola (former head of Global Content Partnerships, Twitter)
Kamau Bell (comedian; director, “We Need to Talk About Cosby”)
Dr. André Brock (communications professor; author, “Distributed Blackness: African American Cybercultures”)
Rembert Browne (journalist; former director of Product and Community, Twitter)
Dr. Meredith Clark (journalism professor; creator, “Archiving Black Twitter”)
Kid Fury (TV writer and host, “The Read”)
Roxane Gay (author; cultural critic, The New York Times)
Jemele Hill (author, journalist)
Sam Jay (comedian, writer)
Brad Jenkins (former associate director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, 2011-2015)
Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins (journalist, host, creative director)
Luvvie Ajayi Jones (New York Times bestselling author)
Shamika Klassen (researcher, scholar, “Black Twitter Is Gold”)
Van Lathan (cultural critic; host, “Higher Learning”)
Jamilah Lemieux (cultural critic, writer)
Wesley Lowery (journalist; author, “American Whitelash”)
Ira Madison III (TV writer; host, “Keep It!”)
Judnick Mayard (TV writer, producer)
Jason Parham (senior writer, WIRED)
April Reign (creative consultant; creator, #OscarsSoWhite)
God-is Rivera (former global director of Culture and Community, X)
Amanda Seales (comedian, activist, host “Small Doses” podcast)
Denver Sean (senior editor, LoveBScott.com)
Baratunde Thurston (comedian; host, “How To Citizen with Baratunde”)
Ashley Weatherspoon (producer; writer, DearYoungQueen.com)
Raquel Willis (author, activist, media strategist)
J Wortham (journalist, The New York Times Magazine)

Produced by A Penny for Your Thoughts, WIRED Studios and Culture House Media, “Black Twitter: A People’s History” is set to premiere all episodes on Thursday, May 9, on Hulu.

Penny is directing the series, marking the first project with Onyx Collective via his overall deal under the banner of his company, A Penny for Your Thoughts.

Executive producers for the docuseries include the following:

Prentice Penny (A Penny For Your Thoughts)
Chris Pollack (A Penny For Your Thoughts)
Alex Soler (A Penny For Your Thoughts)
Sarah Amos (WIRED Studios)
Helen Estabrook (WIRED Studios)
Agnes Chu (WIRED Studios)
Andrew Whitney (WIRED Studios)
Raeshem Nijhon (Culture House Media)
Carri Twigg (Culture House Media)
Nicole Galovski (Culture House Media)
Joie Jacoby (Culture House Media)
Shawna Carroll (Culture House Media)
Director: Prentice Penny (A Penny For Your Thoughts)
Showrunner: Joie Jacoby (Culture House Media)
Producer: Jason Parham (WIRED Studios)

Be sure to catch the docuseries “Black Twitter: A People’s History” on Hulu May 9.

Check out the teaser trailer below:


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