Candace Owens Says She’s ‘Terrified’ Of A Female Pilot While Defending Anti-DEI Bigotry

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) has become the new popular target for conservatives across America who are delusional enough to believe merit, not systemic racism, is the reason white people have dominated every major industry in the nation for all of the nation’s history. That’s right, the world’s most mediocre white people—along with their loyal Black lap dogs—are blowing their white nationalist and patriarchal dog whistles, which sound more and more like bullhorns, all because companies are seeking to diversify their overwhelmingly white and male workforces and provide opportunities to underserved marginalized groups. 

Apparently, conservatives believe—or are pretending to believe—that the way DEI and affirmative action work is company recruiters walk down the street and flag down random Black people, people of color and women and shout, “Hey, do you want a job you have zero experience or education, because it’s a whole white sausage party over here and we need to make a change!”

Anyway, Candace Owens has joined the chat, so let the MAGA mammy-ing and sambo tomfoolery commence.

Candace Owens: “I would be terrified if I got onto a plane and I saw a woman flying the plane.”

— PatriotTakes (@patriottakes) January 26, 2024

During a recent episode of Candace Owens Podcast, America’s favorite wannabe-white supremacist defended racist comments made by Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, who said he would immediately question a pilot’s credentials if he saw the pilot was Black.

“I said the exact same thing on this show just a couple of weeks ago,” Owens, a former communications director at Turning Point USA, said of Kirk’s comments. “I remarked that nowwhen I even am watching a commercialif I see a commercial and I see a Black person, a Hispanic person, an Asian person, my thought process is ‘Did they just get this because DEI?’ I no longer think the person is qualified.”

“It makes me upset that that’s my thought process when I see a commercial and when I see a movie, is this person actually even a good actor or are they just checking a box?” she continued. “But, unfortunately, that is the reality of what happens when it comes to DEI and what he is remarking on is true.

“I would be terrified if I got onto a plane and I saw a woman flying the plane and I know that we have the United CEO saying that he just wants to fulfill a quota. He just wants there to be more women and wants there to be more Black people and he’s not concerned at first with qualifications. That is something that should alarm all of us guys.”

First of all, Owens needs to stop pretending her bigotry over seeing non-white people in commercials is all about qualifications. Just last year, she called it “ridiculous” that a disabled woman in a wheelchair was featured in an underwear ad, not because people with disabilities are unqualified to be—*checks notes*—underwear models, but because she’s simply “getting tired of this all-inclusivity thing.” Owens also thought Minnie Mouse being temporarily dressed in a blue and black polka dot pantsuit was an attempt to “destroy fabrics of our society,” and that Netflix and Uber Eats having Black categories was an example of anti-white “segregation.” So, yes, it’s easy to imagine Owens behaving like curmudgeonly white boomers across America and shaking her fist at the TV screen every time she sees commercials that have surpassed the non-white male limit in her Jim Crow dry-humping mind.

Secondly, Candace Owens has already called women in the workplace a “distraction” and claimed “things have gotten worse (for men) since women joined the workforce.” So, it doesn’t seem to be about female pilots or multiracial commercials per se—Owens is simply serving as an eager Black woman mouthpiece for white male superiority as usual. 

But more to the point, here’s a question for Owens, Kirk and all the other anti-DEI warriors out there: When for the vast majority of America’s existence, white men exclusively ran and dominated the workforces of every industry in the country, did any of you worry that any of them might have been unqualified since it was clearly a prerequisite that they had to be white and male in order even to be candidates for their positions?

The first Black commercial airline pilot wasn’t hired until 1964. Were any of these people “terrified” whenever they rode a plane before then and saw their pilot was a white man?

Setting aside the simple fact that neither race, gender nor ethnicity have ever been the sole qualifications for candidates under DEI or affirmative action, if anti-DEI activists weren’t just bigots plain and simple, they would be equally concerned that white people might be getting jobs because they’re white, not because they’re qualified. But white nationalists, or their honorary Black counterparts like Candace Owens, will never take that narrative to its logical conclusion.

Whiteness and male dominance have always been the default in America. DEI is only a byproduct.


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