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Imprisoning a poor old lady for having the audacity to tell the truth 🤔? Throwing a Holocaust survivor in jail for admitting that the narrative is FALSE 🤥? Ridiculous. Wouldn't it be easier to just tell the truth already 🫤?

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Holocaust denier Ursula Haverbeck sent to trial at age 95 in Germany

Haverback was previously sentenced to ten months in prison without parole in 2015. Following the charge, she filed for an appeal and avoided arrest.

ATTENTION ⚠️ ISRAEL 💜: we are under attack. HEAVY fire. Bombardment & shelling 💣💥. If you're scared, take cover. But do NOT 🙅🏿‍♀️ retreat❗️Your King 👑🦁🔥is going into the line of fire. Now's the time to go HARD ✊🏿😤 or go home ✌🏿😏. We takin' this $h*t over 😘.

Israel Lobby @AIPAC "babysits" US lawmakers 🤔? Now it makes sense why all opposition to Israel is silenced under false pretense of "antisemitism" 🤭. Wonder if it's still a conspiracy theory to say Jews control US Government 😊?

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Every Republican in Congress has an ‘AIPAC babysitter’: US lawmaker

In an interview with host Tucker Carlson, Republican Congressman Thomas Massie says every Republican member of Congress has an “AIPAC…

Americans just now realizing @Aipac controls Congress & @ADL trains & runs the @fbi? LOL. Must be a coincidence that fbi director is also Jewish 😀. Wait… is this America or Israel? Hard to tell 🙂

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BOMBSHELL Report Details How The Israel Lobby CONTROLS The U.S….

✅Videos we recommend: New York Times is out with a bombshell story…