D.C. Prosecutors Accuse Trump Of Inspiring ‘Racist’ Hate Toward Ruby Freeman And Wandrea ‘Shaye’ Moss

Wandrea ArShaye “Shaye” Moss, former Georgia election worker, becomes emotional while testifying as her mother Ruby Freeman watches during the fourth hearing held by the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol on June 21, 2022, in the Cannon House Office Building in Washington, D.C. | Source: Pool / Getty

It can’t be emphasized enough that before they took temporary jobs as election workers in Georgia, Ruby Freeman and Wandrea “Shaye” Moss were unknown citizens who worked, paid taxes, parented, enjoyed leisure time, and generally lived as everyday people in everyday life. Donald Trump, on the other hand, was the sitting president of the United States and the most powerful clown in the GOP circus when he used his massive platform to target Freeman and Moss with election tampering claims that had no basis in reality whatsoever. As early as this year, Trump was still online harassing the mother and daughter even after they gave tearful testimony before the Jan. 6 Committee about the harassment they received due to Trump falsely and repeatedly claiming they were involved in election fraud that exists only in the minds MAGA the Hut and his idiot followers.

Donald Trump and his legal team continued the American tradition of sticking white mobs on Black families, and now, prosecutors are trying to hold him accountable for it.

According to Newsweek, prosecutors in Trump’s fraud trial, which is set to begin in March 2024, submitted a filing Tuesday accusing the ex-president of subjecting Freeman and Moss to “vile and racist” threats from his supporters by calling the two Black women “monsters” who stole the election from him by using suitcases of ballots to add votes for President Joe Biden, which they did not do. The filing also accuses the commander-in-lying-and-losing of doubling down on his nonsense after Freeman and Moss’ Jan. 6 committee testimony.

From Newsweek:

The prosecutor’s filing shows for the first time that prosecutors intend to introduce evidence about Freeman and Moss into the Trump election fraud trial.

Allegations that Trump’s comments prompted racist abuse could be bad news for the former president. His trial will be before a jury in Washington, D.C.

Prosecutors filed the allegation of online abuse against Trump on Tuesday. As part of the pre-trial process, prosecutors must submit the crimes and “bad acts” for which an accused has not been charged, but which prosecutors intend to use in court to back up their case.

“Long after the charged conduct, the defendant continued to falsely attack two Georgia election workers, despite being on notice that his claims about them in 2020 were false and had subjected them to vile, racist, and violent threats and harassment,” Senior Assistant Special Counsel Molly Gaston wrote in a nine-page court filing on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, we reported that sunken Trump-humper Trevian Kutti—who is accused in Trump’s RICO indictment of harassing Freeman and Moss—appeared to be making veiled threats directed at the former election workers as well. Again, all of this shows the massive power being wielded against Black women whose only crime was volunteering to be part of the process of choosing America’s leaders.

Meanwhile, during a rally in Iowa over the weekend, Trump was in front of his MAGA cultists griping the same old delusional gripe about a fictional stolen election, and he continued to target the same cities, all of which just happen to be the cities with all the Black people.

Exactly what he said in 2020. Not sure why the racial dimension of Trump’s attack on the Constitution has been underplayed, but it was central to the effort. It’s not mysterious. And he’s doing it again. https://t.co/VmGlHX9oKK

— Sherrilyn Ifill (@SIfill_) December 2, 2023

“The most important part of what’s coming up is to guard the vote,” he said Saturday. “And you should go into Detroit, and you should go into Philadelphia, you should go into some of these places, Atlanta, and you should go into some of these places, and we gotta watch those votes when they come in.”

But, nah, Trump’s not a white supremacist or anything. He’s just inflaming white mobs by lying on Black people and engaging in the kind of anti-Black voter intimidation that happened after the 1965 Voting Rights Act was signed.

Nothing to see here—just America being America. 


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