Diddy Fulfills $1 Million Pledge To Howard University At Homecoming

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Embodying the spirit of giving back to the place that laid his foundation, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs took center stage at Howard University’s Yardfest. As a proud Howard alumnus, Combs captivated the crowd with an unforgettable performance of his iconic hits including “It’s All About the Benjamins,” “I Need a Girl Part 1,” and “Act Bad.” He also showcased tracks from his new R&B masterpiece “The Love Album – Off The Grid.” Special appearances were made by artists Kalan.FrFr and Love Records artist, Jozzy, both featured on Diddy’s #1 album “The Love Album: Off The Grid.”

“As someone who attended Howard University and values the transformative experience of historically Black colleges, it remains crucial that we strive to protect and uphold their legacy,” stated Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs as he returned to Howard to present a million-dollar check to his alma mater. “This donation to Howard is not just a financial contribution; it’s also a reaffirmation of our commitment to a cultural institution that has touched countless lives. It’s about ensuring that HBCUs continue to receive the support they rightfully deserve.”

“This is such a tremendously meaningful gift to Howard University, and we are deeply grateful. Since his days here as a student, Sean Combs has always credited Howard for helping him become the groundbreaking entertainer and entrepreneur that he has become. His gift will have a profound impact on our students, paving the way for future leaders. We are honored to have Sean Combs as a part of our Bison family,” said Ben Vinson III, Ph.D., president of Howard University.


Diddy amplified the energy by presenting his third $1 million donation in recent months, this time to Dr. Ben Vinson III, President of Howard University. This marks his second generous contribution to the institution, the first being in September 2016 during his Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour. Mr. Combs fulfilled his promise made at the 2022 BET Awards but also cemented his dedication to supporting education. This donation benefits the HBCU community by shedding light on the unwavering commitment to professional development, career progression, and robust backing for HBCU sports and institutions.

Previously, Diddy made headlines in Atlanta, where within 24 hours, he unveiled two major initiatives designed to foster economic empowerment and uphold the legacies of historically Black institutions. At Invest Fest, Combs declared a $1 million investment fund in collaboration with ‘Earn Your Leisure’ co-founders Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings. This fund is poised to transform financial discussions into tangible actions, thereby creating a solid blueprint for economic upliftment. Furthermore, at the Cricket MEAC-SWAC Challenge Kickoff, Combs magnanimously donated $1 million from the Sean Combs Foundation to Jackson State University Football, emphasizing the importance of supporting historically Black colleges and universities.

Sean ‘Diddy” Combs who recently dropped his highly anticipated number one album, “The Love Album: Off the Grid”, is a renowned cultural icon and one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. He applies that same drive and entrepreneurial spirit to his philanthropic endeavors and with institutions including his Capital Preparatory Charter Schools (located in Harlem, The Bronx and Connecticut), Combs is shaping the future of nearly 1,380 students. Under his Combs Global company, he introduced Empower Global (EG), an e-commerce platform designed to spotlight products from Black entrepreneurs, thus uplifting the Black economy. Additionally, Combs pioneered the “Excellence Program” with WME, tailored to aid underrepresented college-age individuals in the entertainment domain.

His profound impact on Howard and his efforts to invest in DEI initiatives, especially during times of startling cutbacks, epitomizes his dedication to change-making and community building. Combs’ commitment to philanthropy has earned him numerous awards including the Triumph Award, Room to Read’s Superhero Award, the Child of America Award, and most recently, the Apollo Icon Award. Huge shoutout to Diddy for continuing to make a difference!


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