Dozens Of The Most Hilarious ‘Thanksgiving With Black Families’ Memes And Gifs

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UPDATED: 10:00 a.m. ET, Nov. 23, 2023

The holidays are here again and there is nothing like a good ol’ black folks Thanksgiving! A time when the family from all over the country get together to enjoy a good meal and even better conversation that is sure to be filled with laughs and sometimes even cries. When it comes to the holidays, Black folks just seem to do things a bit differently from other families.

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On Thanksgiving, that fact gets magnified exponentially. Now that Thanksgiving is back to a more normal time when arguing over who made the potato salad is a prerequisite for if you’re even allowed to eat it. Black families will have a lot to talk about this Thanksgiving and some of those things should be about race and politics.

But this is also an opportunity for some much-needed family fun and laughter. And if anyone brings someone who puts raisins in potato salad, please kindly let them know that not a single soul of a human being asked for that. These are the kinds of things that make a black family Thanksgiving so unique.

Jokes are like a family tradition, and all strangers for the day are considered family, so if the jokes on you, just remember it comes from love. From the weird uncle who always deserves the side-eye, to the grumpy grandpa who only wants some peace and quiet to watch the Steelers, the annual holiday is always filled with a cast of characters that should only be in the same room for Thanksgiving.


That’s what makes it one of the best days of the years. But if you can’t play spades, stay away from the spades table.

Sharks smell blood and those tables aren’t safe for the weary of heart. Also, if you make the nasty mac and cheese, keep it to yourself. Social media has been replete with the funniest — and most brutally honest — memes that beautifully sum up the black Thanksgiving experience.

To get the Thanksgiving kicked off the right way, we’ve compiled as many of the funniest memes that represent our experiences during this special holiday.

Here are some of our most favorites over the years. Don’t be afraid to share this with auntie or grandma because they deserve to laugh too. Without further ado, this is #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies.

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