‘F****** Black People!’: Karen Gets Racist After Spitting At Pro-Palestine Demonstrators


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In today’s episode of Want To Know If A White Person Is Racist? Just Wait!, a Karen in San Jose was caught in a viral video spitting on pro-Palestine demonstrators, and after being confronted by a Black man who accused her of spitting near his daughter, Karen let her Klan robe slip and insinuated that “Black people” were the problem, not her nasty, anti-hygienic and racist self.

This girl was booing the Free Palestine protestors and ended up spitting on a little girl today at Westfield Mall in San Jose. pic.twitter.com/RtaOiD0HLL

— FREE PALESTINE (@missfalsteenia) November 25, 2023

According to KRON 4, the incident took place at San Jose’s Westfield Valley Fair Mall during a series of protests calling for a permanent ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war that reportedly broke out across the Bay Area. Now, obviously, we can’t count on white Americans to understand how complicated the Palestine/Israel conflict is, and, apparently, we can’t even count on many of them to understand the difference between supporting violence and literally calling for a ceasefire, especially if the protesters are largely comprised of Black and brown people and Muslims. What we should be able to expect is for hateful people not to intentionally spread their white supremacist germs everywhere and then act like they’re the victims once someone calls them out about it.

Or, whatever, obviously, we can’t expect that either.

“Don’t tell me what to do,” KK-Karen can be heard telling a Black man who told her his daughter was near the crossfire of her weaponized saliva-infused projectile. The woman denied the accusation and then as she was led away by the man she was with, she just couldn’t help but make sure her bigotry was clear and unmistakable.

“F**king Black people,” she shouted.

Here’s the real question: What about “f**king Black People”?

Is it a problem that “f**king Black people” understand that spitting at a crowd of people is a disgusting, non-hygienic public health hazard? Perhaps the issue is that “f**king Black people” know the difference between calling for peace and supporting violence. One thing a person can put their money on is that “f**king Black people” aren’t responsible for the increase in violent attacks against Muslims and people of Palestinian descent that have occurred since the overseas conflict became trending global news.

Who knows what Karen’s problem is with Black people? Maybe she thinks we’re racist against angry Caucasian spit. What we can speculate on is that Karen is oblivious to the sheer irony of expressing her contempt for Black people at a peaceful Black man and his child after she was the aggressor engaged in white violence. (Yes, spitting on people is violence.)

F**king white people, amirite?


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