Giving Sha’Carri Richardson Her Flowers: The Rise Of Track & Field’s New Queen

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Sha’Carri Richardson had the internet smitten over her natural hair after she competed in the Diamond League Final in Eugene, Oregon with her curly afro on full display.  

Richardson, 23, came in fourth place after she blazed through the women’s 100-meter competition in 10.80 seconds on Sept. 16. The athlete’s curly tresses blew in the wind as she tried to keep up with Jamaica’s Shericka Jackson— who came in first place at 10.70 seconds. 


X users react to Sha’Carri Richardson’s beautiful hair. 

Netizens on X, formerly known as Twitter, couldn’t get enough of seeing Richardson flaunt her natural curls during the competition. 

“It’s just something about a black woman embracing her natural hair,” wrote one fan. 

Another X user commented, “Your natural hair is beautiful queen.” 

A third fan penned, “She looks great with her natural hair.”

Texas A&M Track & Field alum Tolga Koseoglu wrote that Richardson “looked so much better ” with her natural coils, but he was quickly gathered for commenting on the beautiful Black history moment. 

Nobody asked.

— (@waco_warren) September 17, 2023

She’s looks great with her natural hair

— WE JUST ARRIVED FC (@TheeAzanian) September 17, 2023

It’s just something about a black woman embracing her natural hair

Eat it up

— Jessie. (@_JessieMarie) September 17, 2023

After she finished the women’s 100-meter competition, the 23-year-old Texas native spoke to NBC Olympics and Paralympics about her new look.

“I will say my coach, I told him that if I go 10.06, I’ll wear my natural hair. So, when I became the world champion, and set a championship record, I ran a 10.65. So I had to pull out the natural,” the track and field star said as she shook her bouncy afro from side to side after the Diamond League Final.

“I had to pull out the natural.”

Sha’Carri Richardson on wearing her natural hair in her final race of the track & field season.

— NBC Olympics & Paralympics (@NBCOlympics) September 16, 2023

Richardson’s bold style, nails, and colorful hair have become a part of her unique identity out on the field. Experimenting with bright colors and fun outfits, Richardson’s confidence shines big, not only with her impeccable fashion but with her speedy athletic prowess, too. 

2023 has been a good year for Richardson.

The sprinter has finished under 11 seconds throughout the 2023 season. In August, the superstar clocked in at 10.65 during the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Hungary. The 5-foot-1 runner earned the title of the world’s fastest woman at the big competition. 

Before earning her first national title at the US Track and Field Championships in Eugene, Oregon July 7, the 23-year-old snatched off her signature orange wig, revealing a small set of cornrows underneath. Filled with confidence and energy, Richardson won the 100-meter race with a fast score of 10.71 seconds. 

Earlier this year, she ran the fourth fastest time in history at the women’s 100-meter race, clocking in at 10.57 during the Miramar Invitationational in April, but judges ruled out the speedy score due to gusting winds in the area.

Richardson didn’t let the minor setback keep her down. In May, she achieved another fast score of 10.76 at the Doha Diamond League, which is now the third fastest time in the world this season, according to the Olympics.

Congrats to Sha’Carri Richardson! We can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has in store for you.


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