GOP Elections Commissioner Says He’s ‘Done More For The Black Community’ Than Any Other White Republican

The State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. | Source: KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI / Getty

Here’s a question: Why is it that whenever white Republicans are accused of doing harm to Black people, they suddenly turn into Miss Millie from The Color Purple and start trotting out their largely fictional resumes regarding how they’ve always been good to you people?”

Bob Spindell, the vice chair of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, has been under pressure to resign ever since he signed paperwork falsely declaring that former President Donald Trump won the state in 2020. Those calls for his resignation intensified after it was revealed that he sent out an email to his Republican colleagues praising their efforts to reduce voter turnout in Wisconsin during the 2022 midterm elections by filing lawsuits that added more voting restrictions, targeting Black voters with negative ads and campaigning for Democratic voters to stay home instead of exercising their rights to vote.

According to the Associated Press, Spindell was called out again during a Wisconsin Elections Commission meeting Thursday by Nicholas Ramos, the executive director of the government watchdog group the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, who called for the fake Trump elector’s resignation. Spindell responded to remarks made by Ramos, who is Black, and others by putting his white savior complex on full display.

“There is no white Republican that has done more for the Black community than me, so I suggest you go back and take a look at my past record,” he said.

From AP:

Spindell said that Ramos should look at his voter outreach record. Spindell was first appointed to the commission in 2019. Prior to that he served more than 18 years as an election commissioner in Milwaukee.

Ramos said after the meeting that Spindell’s comment “shows you how out of touch this man is from reality.”

“He couldn’t have picked a better month to be condescending to me and other Black people in this state with his remarks,” Ramos said in reference to February being Black History Month. “Going into a presidential election cycle, WEC cannot afford to have a fake elector and voter suppression artist on their commission. Spindell needs to resign immediately.”

OK, but let’s back up a little bit.

For the sake of (a demonstrably wrong) argument, let’s say that Spindell’s “voter outreach record” shows he did good work reaching out to Black voters. He appears to be saying that he has served the Black community more than any white Republican by simply reaching out to us to urge us to vote Republican. I mean, we already knew the bar was low, but damn, you’re telling me this guy is trying to play white Jesus to Black America just because he made an effort to sway the way we vote?

Mind you, in his letter, Spindell bragged about the reduction in Black and Hispanic voter turnout in his state and said brazenly that “the elections commission was not set up to be fair” while serving as a*checks notes*election commissioner. So, setting aside the fact that voter outreach is less than the bare minimum regarding what can be done to aid the Black community, Spindell is out here pretending voter suppression tactics are the same thing as voter outreach.

Honestly, Spindell might want to chill with declaring himself the No.1 white Republican for Black people anyway. Is he even aware that Trump already claimed that title years ago when he declared that he’s “done more for the Black community than any president since Abraham Lincoln?”

I’m just not sure Spindell is ready to rub up against the Miss Millie of former presidents and the Milli Vanilli of white saviors. Trump is simply too powerful and has too much of a head start when it comes to lying about what he’s done for Black people.

Nah, Spindell don’t want that smoke.


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