‘I Don’t Have To Like Black People’: Racist ‘Karen’ Caught Shoplifting Punches Security Guard, Cops Say

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A violent and racist Karen with a lengthy criminal record was arrested in Portland, Oregon, last week after she punched a Black security guard and called him the n-word after he blocked her from leaving the store she had just shoplifted from. It’s a swift reminder that while many racists claim they hate Black people because we’re so prone to criminality (which isn’t actually true, but whatever), the fact is they’re just anti-Black racists and everything else is only an excuse for them to be anti-Black racists.

According to KATU 2, 43-year-old Janee Jewell Plummer was arrested last Thursday and remains in lockup in Multnomah County Jail after being hit with bias crime charges. Court documents show that Plummer allegedly stuffed several items in a bag she was carrying and attempted to leave the store without paying. When the security guard she’s accused of assaulting stopped her, she allegedly told him “she owns the store” and then tried to push past him. Well, that didn’t work, because no one is likely to believe the owner of an establishment is going to swipe product from said establishment, stuff it in her bag and try to walk out undetected no matter how white and entitled said imaginary store owner is.

So, when Plummer’s alleged ruse didn’t work, she resorted to a Karen’s last line of defense: racial slurs and physical violence. (Actually, a Karen’s first, middle and last line of defense is crying, but we’re talking about a hardened Karen Kriminal Kleptomaniac here, so maybe she’s just too wannabe gangsta’ for tears.)

From KTAU:

As loss prevention officers tried to restrain her, Plummer reportedly shouted the N-word repeatedly at the black security guard, punched him, and spit in his face.

Police say that during her arrest she told officers she had no intention of paying for the food. When asked about the racial slurs, police say Plummer stated “I don’t have to like Black people, and I don’t” and then continued to repeat the N-word several times.

So, what exactly is this white woman’s beef with Black people? Is she racist because she thinks we’re all violent? It couldn’t be—not when she’s out here punching Black people while calling them slurs just for doing their jobs by preventing a criminal act. And, again, it couldn’t be because he thinks we’re all criminals, because that would most certainly be the pot calling the kettle the n-word.

More from KATU:

Plummer has a lengthy criminal history. She was convicted of attempted robbery in February 2023 and sentenced to five years’ probation and 14 days in county jail. In that incident, she chased a woman walking her dogs with a hammer, tried to take the dogs, and threatened to kill the victim.

According to jail records, Plummer is a transient and has 17 convictions dating back to 1999.

So, a woman with well over a dozen criminal convictions attempted to commit an armed robbery and threatened to murder the victim—and all that was worth was probation and two weeks behind bars. Yeah, that “two Americas” justice system must be nice for some, but it sure isn’t doing much to keep these violent thugs off the streets. 

Anyway, Plummer is now facing new charges, which include 2 counts of bias crime, 2 counts of harassment, and third-degree theft and robbery. She’s due back in court on November 14.


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