Jason Whitlock Implies Women Should Never Have Been Given The Right To Vote At Turning Point USA Event

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In today’s episode of Damn. Jason Whitlock Really Doesn’t Know He’s Black, Does he? Jason Whitlock spoke at a Turning Point USA event in Phoenix, Arizona, and he essentially told the audience that women should never have been allowed to vote.

First, let’s start with what he actually said:

They have recreated this history that oh God, it was all just sexism, and we didn’t have the right to vote until Susan B. Anthony and the women’s suffrage movement and I will defend life before suffrage. Because a vote used to represent the family. When we were a culture that really valued family and really understood the natural order that God intended, man serving God, woman following man who serves God, man and woman developing and nurturing children.

You only needed one vote per household because that vote was about the entire family as they have destroyed our family structure and made this all an individual pursuit. Not everybody has to have a vote and everybody has to have an agenda that a lot of times has nothing to do with family.

The Blaze’s Jason Whitlock rails against universal suffrage at TPUSA’s AmFest: “Not everyone has to have a vote” https://t.co/uMlqttbdWI pic.twitter.com/Mj8WIhYOMn

— Madeline Peltz (@peltzmadeline) December 18, 2023

Like most prominent conservatives, Jason Whitlock—who claims he’s not a conservative despite his beliefs falling perfectly in line with virtually every single stance commonly taken by Republican conservatives—is remixing America’s dark history to make oppression sound like a bouquet of fresh roses. In the MAGA mind, it paints a prettier picture to say women didn’t vote because the “vote used to represent the family” and the “natural order that God intended” was “man serving God, woman following man.” People who actually know things understand that the reason women couldn’t vote was that men said so, because men didn’t think they were smart or capable enough to understand the complexities of politics, and to justify this belief, men took it upon themselves to speak for an omnipotent “God” as to what “he” intended.

It’s the same way white people justified slavery and the general subjugation of Black people—not that that would stop Whitlock from wanting to return to those times. (Again, that man does not understand that he’s a Black person. He’s the real-life Uncle Ruckus and I’d bet good money that the words “Revitiligo symptoms” can be found in his browser history.)

Mind you, Whitlock has literally boasted that he’s never voted before. (He said he plans to start now that he’s officially become a “MAGA guy” because his orange MAGA crush is under criminal indictment.) By Whitlock’s own admission, he has spent his entire adult life failing to properly serve his “God,” but now he’s out here lamenting the day Susan B. Anthony inspired women to believe they have the right to be represented and have a voice that exists outside of the family unit. (On second thought, maybe Whitlock does know he’s Black but he also understands what a good house slave he would’ve made, and that’s the reason he seems to be wishing he existed before the time of Anthony, who was born in 1820 and died in 1906, more than a decade before the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote.)

The fact that Jason Whitlock, in all his infinite sunken place-dom, was able to stand in front of an audience in the 21st century and even imply that women should never have started voting only shows what backward, regressive and naturally oppressive people conservatives are. It’s further evidence that “make America great again” means exactly what it appears to mean: Return America to a time when patriarchy and white supremacy were the universally accepted norm. (It was the universal norm as far as white people were concerned. I’m pretty sure when the natives were being slaughtered and Africans were being enslaved, they weren’t joining white people in justifying it by saying, “Welp, these are the times.”)

Republicans and Democrats alike have called the right to vote a fundamental staple of American freedom and liberty, and yet, conservatives seem to be on a mission to limit who can and who can’t cast a ballot. Go figure.


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