Jason Whitlock Removes Interview Of ‘Antisemite’ Who Said ‘Jews Created A Plantation For Black People’

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In today’s episode of Jason Whitlock Remarkably Finds New Ways To Be Embarrassing, America’s favorite Black “MAGA guy” recently invited a loud and apparently proud antisemite on his show, cosigned much of his anti-“Jew” diatribe and then he later deleted the episode and pretended he had no idea who that crazy, nazi-esque white man was or what he was going to say.

In the episode of Fearless with Jason Whitlock, the several-times failed sports commentator sat there nodding along like a lawn jockey bobblehead while his guest, author E. Michael Jones, rambled on about how Jewish people “took over the Blacks early on” and “created a plantation for Black people known as sexual liberation.”

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(Sir, if no one wants to have relations with you, just say that.)

E Michael Jones spitting red pills on a podcast owned by the Blaze with former NFL player Jason Whitlock in agreement to almost everything Jones says…

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— TheRealLaine (@thereallaine) January 23, 2024


Jones was also oddly specific in alleging that exactly “457” of them are “running” the Biden administration.

Did Whitlock push back on that claim and, at the very least, challenge him to identify even one of the 457 by name? Of course not. What do you think he is, some kind of journalist or something?

“There are 457 Jews who are running the Biden administration. They’re the people who are in charge. OK? We have to identify these people.” E. Michael Jones on the Jason Whitlock podcast.

What does Whitlock do? NOD.

Shame on you @WhitlockJason for giving a known rabid antisemite… pic.twitter.com/abKMboUsIG

— StopAntisemitism (@StopAntisemites) January 23, 2024

“[Jews] have always been involved in pornography as a way of gaining control over the population where they’re always a minority,” Jones said in the interview. “The Jews know this, and they have spent their entire time here in the United States of America undermining the moral fabric of the American people.”

Now, obviously, it was at this point that Whitlock stopped his guest and admonished him for defiling his prestigious platform on BlazeTV to promote harmful, divisive and irresponsible hate speech against Jewish people or any other ethnic or religious group.

Nah, I’m lying—y’all know Whitlock backed his bigot bosom buddy.

“I get it, and I can’t say that I disagree,” Whitlock astonishingly replied. (I mean, it would be astonishing if a normal person did it. Whitlock is the human embodiment of the teacup and spoon that lures you into the sunken place.)

Then after the interview was concluded, Whitlock just kept on singing the praises of his new favorite Nazi by proxy.

“Mr. Jones, you are fearless. You are fearless. My God,” Whitlock said, according to Mediaite. “And I know there are gonna be some people ‘How you gonna let this man?’ The man is speaking facts and I know the intent of what he just said and I got no problem with it.”

So yeah, eventually Whitlock deleted all of that—and claimed he had a problem with it.

“I should have been better prepared,” Whitlock later said of his interview with Jones. “That’s where I blamed myself. After the interview, I did start, like, looking around and seeing like, ‘Oh, man, this guy’s got some real controversy to him.’ I don’t regret having him on. I regret not being as prepared as I should have been.”


No lack of preparedness would explain why Whitlock went out of his way, not only to state explicitly that he agreed with Jones but also to emphatically praise him for his so-called fearlessness and tell his audience that everything his guest said was truthfulfactual even.

Also—and here’s where things get completely unsurprising—Jones responded to a report on his interview published by The Daily Beast by indirectly calling Whitlock a “n-gga,” because that’s what happens when “Black friends” let their white [supremacist] friends get too comfortable.

Put yo chain on, Nigga!
The Daily Beast yanks Jason Whitlock’s chain, proving what I said on his show about Jewish control of blacks.https://t.co/2eiNLnSw9t

— E. Michael Jones (@EMichaelJones1) January 30, 2024


“Put yo chain on, Nigga! The Daily Beast yanks Jason Whitlock’s chain, proving what I said on his show about Jewish control of blacks,” Jones posted on X, formerly Twitter.

Apparently, it hasn’t occurred to Jones that Whitlock is also one of the “blacks.” But he shouldn’t feel bad about that—it never occurred to any of us either.


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