Jenna Ellis Throws Rudy Giuliani Under The Bus As Latest Trump RICO Co-Defendant Pleads Guilty

Jenna Ellis reads a statement after pleading guilty to a felony count of aiding and abetting false statements and writings, inside Fulton Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee’s Fulton County Courtroom at the Fulton County Courthouse October 24, 2023, in Atlanta, Georgia. | Source: Pool / Getty

In today’s episode of Another One Bites The Trump, on Tuesday, attorney and right-wing media blowhard Jenna Ellis became the third co-defendant to plead guilty to their roles in an alleged conspiracy to overturn Georigia’s legal election results in 2020. According to the Associated Press, Ellis pleaded guilty to one felony count of aiding and abetting false statements and writings. In video footage that has been circling social media, the MAGA pundit—who’s usually as smug and obnoxious as conservative talking heads tend to be while being loud and wrong about virtually everything—can be seen flooding the courtroom with white tears while meekly making excuses for herself and explaining to the judge that she feels “deep remorse” and would have behaved differently if she actually knew things. 

Jenna Ellis reads a tearful statement in court after her guilty plea where she throws Rudy Giuliani under the bus and says she wishes she had never gotten involved.

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) October 24, 2023

“In the wake of the 2020 presidential election, I believed that challenging the results on behalf of President Trump should be pursued in a just and legal way,” Ellis said. “I endeavored to represent my client to the best of my ability. I relied on others, including lawyers with many more years of experience than I, to provide me with true and reliable information, especially since my role involved speaking to the media and to legislators in various states.”

“What I did not do but should have done, your honor, was to make sure that the facts the other lawyers alleged to be true were, in fact, true,” she continued. “In the frenetic pace of attempting to raise challenges to the election in several states, including Georgia, I failed to do my due diligence. I believe in and I value election integrity. If I knew then what I know now, I would have declined to represent Donald Trump in these post-election challenges. I look back on this full experience with deep remorse.”

Apparently, in Ellis’ world, it’s supposed to be plausible for us to imagine even a half-decent attorney of any amount of experience believing Trump’s delusional nonsense, which he provided no tangible evidence for, and after dozens of courts rejected his claims for lack of merit. But, whatever, I’m sure Elis is really sorry.

Look, I just need to point out that in a previous report, I implied that Ellis was smiling in her mugshot the way she was because she already knew she was going to turn on her rust-colored MAGA messiah. Either way, her Kyle Rittenhouse-rivaling crocodile court tears are quite the departure from the cocky grin she was sporting when the jail photographer was, well, probably not telling her to say “cheese.”

How much does Jenna Ellis understand about the criminal justice system? She was fired her job as a Deputy District Attorney (handling traffic tickets & minor criminal cases) after 6 months due to mistakes, failure to follow the law, & deficiencies in her education and experience.

— Sgt Joker (@TheSGTJoker) August 25, 2023

Of course, if we’re following the logic that all of the defendants smiling in their mugshots are likely MAGA turncoats, then former Georgia Republican Party Chair David Shafer should be copping a plea and turning snitch any day now.

Good morning! #NewProfilePicture

— David Shafer (@DavidShafer) August 23, 2023

And MAGA house slave Trevian Kutti must have been an undercover fed this entire time.

The booking photo for Trevian Kutti:

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) August 25, 2023

Anyway, Ellis’ MAGA-culpa comes less than a week after former Trump attorney Sidney Powellwho was also cracking a seemingly inebriated smile in her mugshotpleaded guilty to her own charges in the Georgia RICO indictment. Of course, Trump responded to the news the way he generally responds to just about everything: by telling a lie that can be easily fact-checked.

Yep, Trump erroneously tried to claim Powell was “never” his lawyer, and Ellis can probably expect the same treatment. He’ll probably claim he had covfefe with her once or twice, but beyond that, he doesn’t even really recall old what’s-her-name with the cute little legal briefs.

Welp, three down, 15 more to go. Anyone taking bets on who’s going to fold next?


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