Judge Orders Release Of More Racist Text Messages From Former San Jose Cop Who Sent ‘I Hate Black People’

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Last November, we reported the all-too-familiar story of a cop who vehemently hates Black people while patroling streets where he consistently encountered Black people—until he shot one of them.

Last year, now-former San Jose, California, police officer Mark McNamara resigned after he became the subject of an internal police investigation that resulted in the release of 10 pages of text messages that put on display his wide range of bigotry, most of which was leveled at Black people. Most of the text messages, which were released by San Jose Police Chief Anthony Mata, included the n-word. One of them read flat out, “I hate Black people.” Another expounded on that sentiment saying, “I hate black people more than I hate being a cop.” And one appeared to be a reference to the 2022 shooting of Black man K’aun Green, who had reportedly broken up a fight and wrestled a gun away from one of the assailants. Although, that’s not the way McNamara allegedly told it.

“N—-r wanted to carry a gun in the Wild West. Not on my watch,” he said of Green, who survived the shooting.

San Jose Police officer Mark McNamara, was allowed to “resign” after investigators found racist text messages that said, “I hate black people,”

McNamara is accused of shooting K’aun Green, a hero and good samaritan.
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Anyway, according to KTVU, federal Judge Nathaneal Cousins recently ordered the release of a second batch of text messages sent by McNamara resulting in a 171-page court filing in the U.S. District Court that revealed hundreds more racist, sexist and homophobic texts sent within a two-month period.

This video shows a portion of former San Jose police of former Mark McNamara testifying about his shooting of a football player in a taqueria. https://t.co/YEYidoBgIC

— LaMonica Peters (@LaMonicaPeters) January 17, 2024

From KTVU:

Most cannot be repeated as nearly every message contains the N-word. He also often talks about drinking alcohol to excess and lifting weights.

One example is: “I wonder how long I can stay off the booze for?” to which the response was: “N—- now isn’t the time for drink! We gotta sculpt our bodies for the upcoming race war.”

Other examples in the hundreds of new texts show that McNamara showed prejudice to a variety of groups, beyond African-Americans.

One text referred to McNamara’s Asian doctor as a commonly known slur for a Chinese person.

“This [SLUR] doctor said something about….and then. I can hardly understand her though,” he wrote.

His texts also repeatedly poke fun at gay people. He used the “R” word to describe people with mental disabilities and he referred to women’s body parts, using slang to describe their breasts, when describing them.

Welp, at least he’s an equal opportunity bigot.

After McNamara resigned from the department, Mata recommended that he be decertified so he could never be a cop in California again, which prompted multiple depositions. In the first deposition, he defended himself essentially saying all of those hateful texts don’t make him a “monster.” In another deposition, he got way more annoying than that.

More from KTVU:

He then changed his story again in another deposition, when McNamara told Green’s lawyers that all the slurs against Black people were jokes he learned from movies and comedians.

“He testified that he watched movies with actors like Martin Lawrence, Will Smith and Samuel L. Jackson … and standup comedy from Dave (Chappelle) that inspired him to use the racial slurs.”

First of all, do y’all understand how much caucasity it takes for a white racist to declare that he hates Black people and then lean on us when it’s time to defend himself? (I mean, who does McNamara think he is, Scott Adams?) This basically a remix of white people’s “If they can say the n-word, why can’t I?” defense, and it highlights McNamara’s refusal to take responsibility for his own actions, which is typical of white racists who think non-white people are the cause of their problems.

It’s also worth mentioning that none of the Black celebrities McNamara erroneously tried to hang his white supremacist ways on have ever advocated for a race war or explicitly declared their hatred for various marginalized groups.

Civil rights attorney Patrick Buelna, who is representing Green in a lawsuit, wrote to Judge Cousins in a court filing that it’s reasonable to assume based on the “tremendous number of racist messages in the small sample size of two months that Defendant McNamara’s social media private messages had much more evidence of racial bias and likely discussed the shooting of Plaintiff.”

And damned if he wasn’t right about all of that.

Keep racist cops off the street, America. Black lives depend on it.


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