Keke Palmer Kicks Off 2024 Having ‘Never Been So Happy In My Life!!’

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Keke Palmer is committed to living her best life in 2024. The multihyphenate star – who has built a career on her candidness about life, love, and experiences – recently took to Instagram with posts we can all relate to.

Like many of us this time of year, Big Boss Keke is leading with positivity and inviting her friends, fans, and followers to do the same.

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On January 3, she shared a vacation video on Instagram displaying her enjoying fun in the sun and water. The “Nope” actress is reportedly enjoying the stunning beauty of Antigua.

Keke Palmer to her stingray, “I got you, I’m not letting you go.”

Keke’s hair is styled in a sleek ponytail with oversized hoops dangling from her ears. She is immersed in the ocean with her hands wrapped underneath a stingray. As she moves in the water, Keke’s melanin skin glows in the natural sun.

“I got you, babes,” Keke coos in a black halter-style bathing suit while looking down at the unique fish. “I am following you. I’m not letting you go.”

KeKe captioned her video with a short, but vulnerable message. She writes, “I have never been so happy in my life!! Already 2024 has started off on the vibes I was looking for, more experiences and more enjoying what this beautiful world has to offer. Look at my smile! I don’t even recognize me! I made a second connection with this girl here, I’m on clouuuuuud nine!”

Keke’s nearly 14 million followers agree with her caption and the beauty of her smile. Actress Kerry Washington comments, “Now THIS is what I love to see .”

Sis, we also see the glow!

Keke Palmer to Black women in 2024, “Keep winning y’all.”

As we settle into 2024, Keke is staying true to her voice and not holding back on spreading words of love, encouragement, and empowerment – for herself and other Black women, too. In addition to her ocean recap, Keke uploaded a throwback picture of herself as a little girl and a reflective post. The post answers the question, “How can I hate black women when I date them?”

Keke writes, “It’s very easy to date someone you don’t respect when you are looking for ways to feel better about yourself. Even if you are less successful than said woman, there is still a history of propaganda that tells you, you will always be better than she is. This is based off of [sic] racial oppression and gender oppression.”

She continues, “They were supposed to be able to break you! Everyone said you were an easy target! But you just keep winning and this breaks their reality. They couldn’t “beat” the one person that they were supposed to be able to beat, because you weren’t competing anyway.”

Keke’s words are especially poignant amid extremely public legal battles with Keke’s ex-boyfriend, Darius Jackson. The gag is that Keke continues to inspire us to show up for ourselves and love who we are and what we represent.

May 2024 be a winning year for all Black women!


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