Kyle Rittenhouse Tells Native Americans They Can ‘Leave’ If They Hate America

Kyle Rittenhouse becomes emotional describing events leading up to the shooting of Joseph Rosenbaum as he testifies during his trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse on November 10, 2021, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. | Source: Pool / Getty

Listen: It’s no accident that Kenosha Killer Kyle Rittenhouse turned out to be a white conservative sweetheart who fits right in with MAGA America like a custom-made glove. The guy who became the poster child for white privilege by killing two people and getting acquitted after he cried about it is just as dense, simpleminded, uneducated, and easily offended by any criticism of America as one needs to become a mascot for the not-so-thinly veiled white nationalists who make up the far right. That’s why it should surprise absolutely no one that Rittenhouse went full colonizer on X by telling Native Americans to “leave” America if they don’t like it here.

Then leave.

— Kyle Rittenhouse (@ThisIsKyleR) May 19, 2024

From Newsweek:

Rittenhouse made the remark in response to a viral photo posted on X, formerly Twitter, in February. The image shows three people raising their middle fingers at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

The South Dakota sculpture features the images of four U.S. presidents—George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt—etched into the side of a mountain.

“F*** the USA … ITS ALL STOLEN LAND,” the photo’s caption said. As of press time, the post had received more than 75 million views.

On May 19, Rittenhouse added his voice to the conversation, writing in response, “Then leave.”

So, Rittenhouse saw a group of people whose ancestors inhabited the land called America before they were nearly whipped out by Caucasian invaders flipping off the likenesses of two slave-owning presidents and two presidents who are hailed as progressives but were both demonstrably racist AF—and he immediately got really fragile about it. He simply isn’t smart enough for it to immediately occur to him that Native Americans are the one racial group in America that the “go back where you came from” demand really can’t be applied to. 

But setting aside the fact that a descendant of colonizers has the caucasity to tell the descendants of the colonized that they should “leave” the land they rightfully pointed out was stolen from them, the truth is that white people’s whole “If you don’t like it here then leave” narrative isn’t nearly as clever or logical as they think it is.

First of all, why would we leave? Why would I uproot my entire life and leave the only country I’ve ever known just because I don’t believe America to be the “shining city on the hill” that jingoists who think they’re patriots have deluded themselves into thinking it is? Why would I not stay and fight for America to become the country I want to see it become? After all, no one argues that America is the only nation built on theft and oppression, other marginalized people around the globe having their own powers that be to battle doesn’t change the fact that we have our own fight here.

Secondly, despite what they would have us believe, conservatives hate America too.

They hate America’s government when it’s being run by Democratic majorities and/or presidents, and they hate the people who make up a huge chunk of the American population, including but not limited to Democrats, “leftists,” immigrants, Black Lives Matter advocates (and/or Black lives in general), Muslims, the LGBTQ community, feminists, critical race theorists, pro-choice advocates, gun regulation advocates, pro-Palestine protesters, and the rest of the ubiquitous “woke.”

It could be argued that everyone hates America, we just hate it for different reasons. Either way, conservatives’ favorite expression of non-logic implies that they can also “leave.”

So, you first, Rittenhouse. Leave. 


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