MAGA Group Admits To Judge It Has No Evidence To Support Claims Of Illegal Ballot Stuffing In Georgia

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With the current news cycle focused on Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and the hearing to determine whether she should be disqualified from prosecuting the RICO case against Donald Trump and more than a dozen co-defendants accused of election interference in Georgia, it’s easy to forget how we got here in the first place:

All MAGA Republicans do is lie.

Recently, a conservative group that claimed to have ironclad evidence of illegal ballot stuffing in Georgia during the 2020 general election had to admit to a judge that—(actually, you guys should probably sit down for this one so you don’t hurt yourselves)such evidence does not exist.

According to the Associated Press, True the Vote, a group of Trump supporters based out of Texas, filed complaints with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in 2021 claiming to have obtained “a detailed account of coordinated efforts to collect and deposit ballots in drop boxes across metro Atlanta” during the November 2020 election and a January 2021 runoff. Did the group bother to mention any details regarding the “detailed account” of election fraud? Nope! Did the group hold out on revealing the alleged evidence to the point where state election officials got increasingly frustrated with their unwillingness to put their money where their mouths were? Yep! Does “True the Vote” appear to be an egregious misnomer for the exact same reason Trump’s “Truth Social” platform obviously is? Oh, hell yeah!

Last year, a Fulton County Superior Court judge in Atlanta signed an order requiring the group to provide the evidence it says it collected to state election officials, including the identities of the group’s sources of information. Surprisingly to absolutely no one who isn’t contemplating getting a “Build That Wall” tramp stamp tattoo, attorneys for True the Vote sent back a written response saying the group has no names, documentation or evidence of any kind to share. (If you’re suffering from extreme shock right now, stop reading this and seek medical attention immediately, please!)

Booooy, it’s a good thing some right-wing documentarian didn’t produce an entire film largely based on these ballot-stuffing allegations for which there is no evidence—because that would be embarrassing!

From AP:

True the Vote’s assertions were relied upon heavily for “2000 Mules,” a widely debunked film by conservative pundit and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. A State Election Board investigation found that surveillance camera footage that the film claimed showed ballot stuffing actually showed people submitting ballots for themselves and family members who lived with them, which is allowed under Georgia law.

The election board subpoenaed True the Vote to provide evidence that would assist it in investigating the group’s ballot trafficking allegations.

True the Vote’s complaint said its investigators “spoke with several individuals regarding personal knowledge, methods, and organizations involved in ballot trafficking in Georgia.” It said one person, referred to in the complaint only as John Doe, “admitted to personally participating and provided specific information about the ballot trafficking process.”

So, just to recap: Trump, Rudy Giuliani and the rest of his thoroughly disgraced legal team spent years repeating claims of election fraud without presenting evidence. A group of Trump supporters filed a complaint to Raffenspergerthe same secretary of state Trump pressured to “find” non-existent Trump votes—claiming ballot stuffing occurred without presenting evidence. Finally, a conservative filmmaker released a documentary chronicling all of these claims for which no one presented evidence.

Why exactly are we mad at Fani again?


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