Nikki Haley Tells ‘The Breakfast Club’ Obama Caused Racial Division And Dylan Roof Murders Weren’t Racist

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Listen: Every prominent Republican in the country is invested in the demonstrable lie that America isn’t a racist country. They’re all pushing the self-serving narratives that we live in a post-racial America, that America’s greatness outweighs its racist past, and that Black people aren’t hindered by racism.

GOP presidential hopeful Nikki Haley has taken this narrative to a whole new level of unfathomable delusion, and she only gets worse every time she opens her mouth about it.

Within the last month and a half alone, Haley has avoided naming slavery as the main cause of the Civil War, she claimed on Fox News that America was “never” a racist country despite two and a half-century of Black-exclusive slavery and another 100 years of legalized anti-Black segregation, and she has doubled down on all of it every time she’s had the opportunity to clarify things.

But like other members of the GOP, Haley can run her absurd “America’s not racist” campaign unchallenged as long as her audience is comprised of white conservatives and their lap dogs of color, but once any of them try to take that white and white-adjacent nonsense to a Black platform and audience, they will quickly find that they’re not in MAGA Land anymore.

So, basically, Nikki Haley went on The Breakfast Club saying racial division in America started under Barack Obama and that the killings of Black people in a Black church weren’t about racism—and she thought that would all be fine. (Spoiler alert: None of it was fine.)

Nikki Haley Blames Barack Obama
for Race, Gender ‘Division’ in America

(Uh, no.
What you are “really” describing is:
Those who are “racists”
just couldn’t stand it because,
a person of color became President.)

— Michele (DEM) (@michele_dem) February 1, 2024

Let’s start with her comments about Obama.

Breakfast Club co-host DJ Envy asked Haley why she’s so vehemently against the possibility of a Kamala Harris presidency. Essentially, she answered that Harris is Black and the last time we had a Black president, America suddenly fell into racial turmoil.

“With Obama, if you go back. That’s when we really started to feel the division,” Haley said. “Everything was exaggerated with the Obama administration. It became more about gender, it became more about race, it became more about separating Americans instead of bringing them together,” Haley continued, claiming Obama made Americans “feel boxed in.”

Charlemagne that God tried to interrupt and rightfully point out that “white supremacy” was actually the reason for all the racial division under Obama (which was actually the same racial division that has existed in America for four centuries, but whatever), but Haley was undeterred.

“Everybody is at fault. I’m not saying one person did this, but I’m saying under that administration, it really did cause some… You just felt — people felt like they were being put in camps through that administration,” she continued.

Somebody really needs to tell Haley that historical revisionism doesn’t work as well when the history is barely a decade old. Here’s what actually happened: Barack Obama became America’s first Black president and white conservatives never let him forget it. In fact, Obama wasn’t just the first Black president, he was the first president who was obligated to prove he was president, even after he was sworn in as president. Perhaps Haley has forgotten that  Obama felt compelled to show two forms of his birth certificate to combat lies that he was ineligible to be president—all because of racist nonsense that had more to do with him being a brown person with a foreign-sounding name than anything else. 

Haley is conveniently forgetting that for the full eight years of Obama’s presidency, he was grappling with claims that he was secretly an Arab Muslim despite being neither of those things, not that it matters because there’s nothing wrong with being Arab or Muslim—unless you ask most white conservatives during that time who made it explicitly clear that they were racist bigots long before Obama ever sat down in the Oval Office.

Hell, the man who spearheaded the “birther” smear attack on Obama became president directly after him. And, by the way, Donald Trump has also promoted and defended the same racist birther nonsense against Haley, but that clearly wouldn’t matter to her considering during the Breakfast Club interview, she was unwilling to admit that Trump mocking her first name, Nimarata, was racist. (It also seems clear that she doesn’t use that name because of how foreign it sounds—which is an odd thing to feel compelled to do in a non-racist country.)

In fact, Haley even implied during the interview that Trump had fixed the racial division that “started” under Obama, saying he gave America a “needed self-correction.” The guy who called Mexican immigrants racists and gangbangers, told Black and brown congresswomen to go back where they came from, instituted an arbitrary Muslim travel ban, led the propaganda-reliant charge against critical race theory and DEI, and tried to disenfranchise Black and brown voters by falsely claiming a legal election was stolen from him—that Donald Trump.  (To be fair, she said bad things about Trump too, but they didn’t offset the absurdity of her praise for him.)

Anyway, let’s move on to the part where she took her racism apologizing to a level that was monstrously egregious even for her. Nikki Haley really sat there with a straight face and said the 2015 killing of nine Black people in a Black church in Charleston by proven white supremacist Dylann Roof wasn’t racist, and that it was the mainstream media that “came in and wanted to define” what happened.

NEW: Nikki Haley says the Charleston shooting, in which white supremacist Dylan Roof killed 9 Black people, “was not about racism”

— chris evans (@notcapnamerica) January 31, 2024

From The Messenger:

“They wanted to make it about guns, they wanted to make it about racism, they wanted to make it about the death penalty.”

Charlamagne then interjected, saying, “it was about racism though.” Haley then pushed back, saying it wasn’t. He then responded, saying it was a “racist mass killing.”

She then added, “But the point was I strong-armed them and said there will be a time we talk about all that. But right now, we have nine souls we need to put to rest. I didn’t have that luxury. Because two days later the killer came out draped in the Confederate flag … .”

W—and I cannot stress this enough—TF?

Roof targeted Black people at a Black church, wrote a full 2000-word white supremacist manifesto about why he did it, and reportedly told his victims that Black people were “taking over the country” before he opened fire—and Haley is mad at the media for assuming it was a racist act. She doesn’t appear to be as bothered by Roof being “draped in the Confederate flag” as much as she’s bothered by news outlets reporting it.

So, just to recap: Slavery didn’t cause the Civil War, slavery and Jim Crow don’t prove America was ever a racist country, racial division started under the first Black president and that’s why we shouldn’t have another one, and a white supremacist killing of Black people at a Black church wasn’t racist. My God, what is wrong with this woman?

Nikki Haley is horrible I blame Dylan Roof and the
KKK for our poor race relations but Nikki is courting

— Franklin w. Russell (@FrklnwRu1) February 1, 2024

Nikki Haley isn’t bright. She goes on one of the most popular Black radio stations, The Breakfast Club & uses that moment to blame racism & the divide of the country on the first & only Black President.

That may work with her base …but Black radio.

And nothing against Trump.

— Maurice W (@iamMauriceW) February 1, 2024

If you feel like torturing yourself with roughly an hour of Haley’s off-white nonsense, you can watch the full interview below.


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