‘Nobody F**ks With Her!’ D.L. Hughley Responds To Mo’Nique Over ‘Club Shay Shay’ Remarks

D.L. Hughley performs at The Stress Factory Comedy Club on January 21, 2022, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. | Source: Bobby Bank / Getty

You have to give it to Shannon Sharpe, y’all—the ex-ESPN commentator might just have stumbled upon the Holy Grail of messy, juicy, gossipy, drama-driven Black entertainment with his podcast Club Shay Shay. That man is turning Black celeb beef into a verbal bloodsport, and while many believe it’s not a flex to create the Hollywood noir version of Black-on-Black crime, even those people might find it hard not to click on that link and join the legions of spectators these interviews attract.

Coming on the heels of Sharpe’s internet-breaking interview with Katt Williams, the former NFL tight end sat down with none other than Mo’Nique, who we all know has never been afraid to let the choppa spray at anyone in the entertainment business who finds themselves on her bad side. So, of course, she went in on Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and others with whom she has had long-standing issues, including fellow comedian D.L. Hugley.

You might remember the clash between Mo’Nique and Hughley in 2022, which appeared to erupt over a misunderstanding around which of them would serve as the headliner of a comedy show before it got much deeper than that. The spat resulted in a nasty back-and-forth online between the two. The Precious star even brought D.L.’s daughter into it, which she eventually apologized for. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Kings of Comedy star was the first to respond shortly after the interview aired. I mean, he wasted no time at all.

D.L. Hughley responds to Mo’Nique Club Shay Shay interview

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— SHO’NUFF (@IAMSHO_NUFF) February 8, 2024

“I don’t know anyone that works out that much and gains weight…unless every crunch they do has a Captain in front of it,” Hughley said of Mo’Nique, who at one point in the interview told Sharpe about her struggles in the industry as a “big fat Black woman.” (Which is why D.L. fat-shaming her out of the gate will likely not have the effect he was going for.)

“She’s a liar, D.L. went on to say. (I’m almost surprised he didn’t call her a “fat Faizon liar.”) “She has the temerity to be offended by everyone, (despite) the sh*t you say about people. She always asks people to look up the videos. You won’t find it because she’s a f**king liar.”

The more D.L. spoke, the more emotional he appeared to become, especially when it came to his daughter.

“She told the world I allowed my daughter to be molested,” he recalled. “This lying motherf*cker. She knows she was lying and it only stopped when everyone from my family checked her.” D.L. then went on to drop what the Black community affectionately refers to as “tea” regarding her relationship with her own family, including her husband, who she often refers to as “Daddy.”

“You will never see her with her own family. You know why? Because nobody f*cks with (her),” he claimed. “How do you have ‘sweet babies’ when your own babies don’t f**k with you? How do ‘love us for real’ when there is nobody loving you for real? Except your ‘Daddy’…who you apparently have to pay. And FYI, daughters are paid for by Daddies. Not Daddies who get paid by their daughters.”


Anyway, The Parkers star did more than bash her celebrity rivals, she also spoke at length about the entertainment industry’s treatment of herself and other Black women.

You can watch the full interview below.


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