Not Guilty! Black Man Acquitted After ‘Karen’ Falsely Accused Him Of Robbery

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Have you ever gotten the feeling that Karens, Klansmen and Kops were in cahoots? That’s how Trevon Morgan must have felt when he was arrested last August in San Francisco after being tailed and taunted by a slur-slinging racist and then approached by a white bystander who called the police on him for, well, generally just existing.

According to KRON 4, Morgan was acquitted in San Francisco County Superior Court of felony attempted robbery after roughly 45 minutes of jury deliberations, which begs the question: How did we get here in the first place if it was such a no-brainer to acquit Morgan?

From KRON:

Trevon Morgan was walking to a store on the morning of Aug. 24, 2023 near where he lived in the Inner Sunset District when a person who appeared to be mentally ill and unhoused started following him and yelling racial slurs, the public defender’s office said.

Morgan went into the store and when he came out, the harassment continued, escalating into a verbal argument. A bystander, who like the person yelling at Morgan was white, drove up alongside them and took the side of the man who was yelling.

The bystander called the police, claiming that Morgan had threatened to kill and rob him, and that Morgan had dented his car. None of this was true, the public defender said, or supported by evidence.

Here’s an alternative way to tell this story: Morgan, 21, was minding his own business when a random white supremacist who might have been mentally ill and homeless started stalking him while being blatantly racist, which is what he was whether he also suffered from mental illness or not. A fellow Caucasian took up the Caucasian cause of minding black people’s business while engaging in the Caucasian practice of immediately siding with their fellow Caucasian and calling the police on the Black man with zero evidence that he had done anything wrong. Perhaps Karen didn’t hear the racial slurs being shouted by the assailant—or maybe he was just speaking her love language.

The SF Public Defender’s Office said in a statement that Morgan was acquitted “after just 45 minutes of deliberations of a baseless felony charge of attempted robbery of a man’s reading glasses,” and that the bystander called the police and “claimed Morgan had threatened him and his property, which was not corroborated by any evidence.”

Deputy Public Defender Ilona Yañez took things even further and called the incident out as the clear display of racism it appears to be.

“The allegations in this case were reminiscent of other ‘Karen’ cases where someone called the police on a Black person who had done nothing wrong,” Yañez said. “Here, the complaining witness racially profiled Mr. Morgan, who is Black, assumed the worst about him and falsely accused him of wrongdoing based on the color of his skin.”

“Police and prosecutors pursued this case without any corroborating evidence of a crime, despite the numerous glaring red flags as to the complaining witness’s credibility, and in so doing perpetuated this vigilante’s racism,” the PD office said. The office also noted that police body-cam footage shows the responding officers were skeptical about the bystander’s story. This leads us to our next question: Why was Morgan arrested at all?

More from KRON:

The footage also revealed the man admitting that the damage to his car predated the incident.

Despite this skepticism, Morgan was arrested based on false accusations. He was charged with felony attempted robbery of the bystander’s reading glasses. The judge released him from custody under the condition that he wear an ankle monitor and be subject to home detention.

As a result, Morgan lost his job as a security guard and was not able to provide for his pregnant girlfriend.

The PD office said Morgan was made to wait five months for his trial, during which time his entire life was upended. He lost his job and he was made to wear an ankle monitor—meaning his freedom was taken away even after his initial release, and that he wouldn’t be able to get another job—all because a racist collaborated with another racist and had their racism effectively weaponized by (probably racist) cops and prosecutors who appear to have decided white allegations trump common sense. 

“When prosecutors bring charges and are unwilling to look at the merit of the evidence, it is severely damaging to the accused and a waste of public resources,” San Francisco Public Defender Mano Raju said in a statement.

It’s also worth noting that no one should hold their breath waiting for the racist harasser, the lying witness or any of the legal officials who did so much harm to Morgan to face any consequences.

This is America.


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