Opinion: Stop Going On Girls Trips With People You Don’t Trust

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Last week, Tiktok exploded with reactions to a series of videos describing escapades from another messy girl’s trip. This time, one participant, inexplicably nicknamed after a popular dessert topping, was accused of coming on someone else’s birthday trip to Cabo with only $135 and vibes in her pocket. 

There were three sides to the story here. 

Each had their own take on a vomit-laced vacation that allegedly resulted in two cracked phones. One reluctantly exposed vagina, a lost key card, multiple calls to a missing boyfriend, and several semi-apologetic voice notes.

It became a week of receipt-riddled revenge as the trio tried their best to win in comment section court. The initial complainant brought the story online. The birthday girl identified her POV after. Finally, the delectable one chimed in at the end, ready to defend herself against what she considered defamation.

Only those who were there, and the good folks at Apple Pay, know the details of what really went down. That didn’t stop people from speculating, though. Everyone had an opinion about the kind of background checks you should do on your friends before traveling with them. There was an avalanche of stitches instructing people to vet their friends based on bank accounts, but true compatibility is much more than that. A person can be up one day and down the next, but a solid character stands the test of time.

Running around with people you can’t trust is exhausting. It might also be potentially dangerous

You should know and trust someone before hopping on somebody’s airplane with them, period. 

No matter who is telling the truth about this trip, what is a fact is that these conflicting videos are an example of a troubling trend on the clock app. Everyone is complaining about people that they choose to kick it with voluntarily. 

You get to decide who you spend your limited time on this earth with. As soon as you discover someone is not your cup of tea, you’re allowed to get up from the table. 

It seems like every time I open TikTok, I’m confronted with a storytime filled with someone complaining about a so-called friendship filled with sneak disses and side eyes. 

Girls trip fallouts happen so frequently that creators like Miles Hampton have developed entire cinematic universes centering their aftermaths. It is a running joke that even long-standing casual connections can be quickly severed by a weekend in Miami or an extended jaunt to Santorini. 


Replying to @HANISOPETTY When girls fight in Miami part 5… someone gotta stop alyssaccles… #foryou #fyp #mileshampton #miami

♬ original sound – Hampton

It begs the question, why are y’all hanging out with people you don’t like on your birthday or ever? If there’s even a chance that the trip making it out of the group chat will lead to the group chat not making it out of the trip, why waste your time at all? 

Isn’t being on your own better than soaking up suspect energy? 

Frolicking under the sun is more fun with friends, but if you can’t find ones you trust enough to keep your business your business, you should rethink that girl’s trip guest list.

If you have to bring a protector along because you can’t trust the women you are traveling with to care about your personal safety, are they really the best companions for margarita sipping and ATV riding? If a doorman or a direct deposit can separate you, is that your friend?

The desire to have someone to take your pictures and wear matching outfits with is understandable, but surely the pickings can not be so slim that you all are running around with people you can’t wait to flip on the second you are out of their presence.

Leave some room in your life for people you can be completely loyal to.

Running to TikTok with a storytime stabbing at the character of someone you were just with yesterday doesn’t just make them look bad. It makes you look suspicious as well.

Let’s be honest. We all know who our real friends are. The people who show up for us daily, the people we trust with our secrets, are our friends.

No matter how rich you are, your life can be made richer by spending it with people you like and respect.

Don’t be so desperate to fill your table that you forget one of the golden rules. It’s quality over quantity always. 


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