Personal Stories From An Afro-Palestinian Amid Israel-Gaza Conflict

Pro-Palestinian protesters gather in a park near the Washington Monument during a demonstration calling for a ceasefire in Gaza on October 21, 2023, in Washington, D.C. Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters staged a rally near the Washington Monument to demand a ceasefire in Gaza as the war between Israel continues. Israel has heavily bombed the Gaza Strip and threatened a ground invasion after Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that governs the Gaza Strip, launched a deadly attack in southern Israel on October 7. | Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty

The atrocities that have been happening in Israel aren’t new, but the increase in the recent surge in courageous voices speaking out against the violence is something we haven’t seen before. This brings forth the opportunity for a more profound discussion of the Israel-Palestine conflict, including the series of events that culminated in the tragic bombings in Gaza, resulting in the loss of thousands of lives and depriving over two million people of power and aid.

In a special episode of the Small Doses Podcast hosted by Amanda Seales, her own sister, Nada Mays, joins as a guest. Nada, a first-generation American descendant of Palestinian refugees, shares her personal experience as an Afro-Palestinian. This episode comes at a unique time as 13 House Democrats have introduced a resolution urging President Biden to call for an immediate ceasefire.

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“I’m really hoping that we can literally ‘level up the vibration of humanity by, like, simply knowing more and that invoking us to do more,” said Amanda.



Fleeing Palestine

During the podcast, Nada Mays recounts her family’s escape during Nakba, meaning ‘The Great Catastrophe’ in English, in 1948. At that time, seven hundred thousand other Palestinians fled to avoid violence instigated by Israeli soldiers, who took control of Palestine from the British.

With so many conflicting views about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict being shared from our trusted media and news sources, it can be difficult to know who to support, or if you should even care about something going on over six thousand miles from the U.S. But in this episode, Amanda Seales and her sister Nada Mays, provide a comprehensive overview of the historical events that have led to the current conflict in Israel.

Listen to the full episode of Small Doses: Side Effects of Palestine here.



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