RICO Defendant And Black Voices For Trump Leader Foolishly Mocks, Taunts Fani Willis: ‘Stop Chasing Clout’

In this handout provided by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, leader of Black Voices for Trump Floyd Harrison poses for his booking photo on August 24, 2023, in Atlanta, Georgia. | Source: Handout / Getty

Here’s a question: Are any of the lawyers who are defending the accused in Donald Trump’s sweeping RICO indictment in Georgia making any effort at all to stop their clients from speaking publicly about their cases? Because, if so, they are not listening—like, at all.

It’s bad enough that Trump can’t stop Trumpeting off at the mouth about the “witch hunt” he’s facing by “racist” Black prosecutors whose alleged racism he can’t provide examples of, or “corrupt” ant-Trump judges whose corruption he also can’t provide examples of. Now, Black Voices for Trump executive director Harrison Floydwho is accused of helping his MAGA massa harass Black election workers Ruby Freeman and her daughter, Wandrea Arshaye “Shaye” Moss, and coerce them into admitting to election fraud that absolutely never existed—is joining his MAGA messiah in being unable to stop himself from ranting on social media about the charges against him and the Fulton County DA who brought them, Fani Willis.

Who did this ? #faniwillis #FultonCounty #booboo pic.twitter.com/Mf3RnfM749

— Harrison Floyd (@hw_floyd) October 12, 2023

Yes, definitely share body-shaming posts about the DA who is leading your prosecution. Smart. Bigly smart.

Its amazing Fani Willis has time to go back and forth with Jim Jordan when she has 550 open cases.

One of which is my cousin, who was shot 6 times in an apparent gang initiation.

Do you job and stop chasing clout @FaniforDA ! https://t.co/DlqGBSV35c

— Harrison Floyd (@hw_floyd) October 12, 2023

Floyd wrote on X that he is amazed that Willis “has time to go back and forth with” House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan “when she has 550 open cases” including his cousin “who was shot 6 times in an apparent gang initiation,” because he doesn’t seem to understand that district attorneys don’t personally work every casein their jurisdiction one at a time and that he himself is one of her “550 open cases.” Prosecuting Floyd for doing things based on the evidence that he did those things is Willis doing her “job.” It’s not “chasing clout” just because he’s the defendant.

Anyway, here’s Floyd pretending to know things while actually indicating that any law degree he has come from the University of Law & Order Reruns.

Typically when prosecutors have someone dead to rights, they don’t go around shopping plea deals. The defendants try to get a deal.

Now ask yourself, who’s doing what here, and what does that mean?

The More You Know ……..

— Harrison Floyd (@hw_floyd) October 12, 2023

“Typically when prosecutors have someone dead to rights, they don’t go around shopping plea deals,” he tweeted. “The defendants try to get a deal. Now ask yourself, who’s doing what here, and what does that mean? The More You Know.”

Orrrrr—the more you don’t know. 

Floyd appears to believe it’s abnormal for a prosecutor to offer plea deals to defendants charged with lesser crimes in order to strengthen their case against the main target. According to CNN, “There is no indication Willis has offered any sort of deal to former President Donald Trump.”

From CNN:

The plea deal conversations are not an unusual step, particularly given the broad pool of defendants. Sources familiar with the district attorney’s case said prosecutors hoped to whittle down the field of defendants before potential trials, just as Willis did in previous racketeering cases involving Atlanta public school educators and an ongoing case involving Atlanta-area rappers.

“She will be using this as a way to try to squeeze people to talk,” Michael J. Moore, a former US attorney for the Middle District of Georgia, said of the plea offers. “Sometimes the deal will be so sweet that they will obviously agree to cooperate. At the end of the day, what impact that has I don’t know. I don’t know if she’ll have enough people to connect the dots or not.”

The remaining 18 defendants in the case – all of whom have pleaded not guilty – will have a diverse set of interests to weigh in deciding whether to accept a deal.

Of course, it’s no surprise that a guy who clearly has no understanding of how elections work also doesn’t understand how legal officials operate—or that he has the right to remain silent.

Been a while since I read it. It was for assault on Federal Officers. pic.twitter.com/PCVodOSYyQ

— POWERS (@DowntownPowers) October 12, 2023

Seriously, bro—silence is golden and you’re about to clout chase your way back into a jail cell.


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