‘Scary’ Video Shows Massive Flooding In HBCU Dorm Displacing Students

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The city of Atlanta was hit with storms that caused massive flooding at an HBCU on Thursday night. 

 Students at Clark Atlanta University were shocked when they found their dorms were being submerged underwater due to flash flooding in the area. According to Fox 5 Storm team, more than two inches of rain fell in a little less than an hour, causing flooding in parts of Downtown Atlanta as well as the Atlanta University Center. Fox estimates that it was about three hours worth of rain dumped on the city in just a matter of minutes. 

 Videos posted to social media showed several cars completely underwater as bystanders tried to help folks stuck in their vehicles. 

Ashley Clark posted several videos to Facebook that show how dire the situation was for students in and around Clark Atlanta University. 

In one post Ashley shared a video of cars complexly underwater with the caption that read, “Clark Atlanta University right now the dorms are flooding, the power is out. My daughter said someone was stuck on the elevator smh. I can’t even pick her up there’s no way for me to get to her. This is crazy! And it’s sunny where I am with no hint of rain and I’m not even that far from her.”

Unbelievable flash flooding videos near the Clark Atlanta University campus pic.twitter.com/viptJdFZBu

— Marvin L James II (@sportsguymarv) September 15, 2023

Other videos from X, show show water rushing down the hallway of dorms at Clark Atlanta as students try to push through a door with water rushing in through it.

A student’s leg appeared to be stuck in a door during flooding inside the Clark Atlanta University dorms earlier

“All students living in the residential areas affected by flooding are in the process of being relocated to new housing,” the university said https://t.co/0Yx9u9BOxS pic.twitter.com/BPLhJDHtc6

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) September 14, 2023

Clark Atlanta student Cherish Turner told 11 Alive that she was studying for an exam in the library when the flooding started. 

“It was scary,” she told the publication. “I looked out the window and seen the large flood and more videos kept coming in of the cars floating.”

According to a spokesperson for Clark Atlanta University, officials quickly responded to the incidents to support students during the flooding.

AFTERMATH: This is what the intersection of Lawshe Street SW and Parson Street SW looks like right now, several areas around Clark Atlanta University flooded during storms in Atlanta today. A video circulating online shows flooding inside a dorm. More tonight on @FOX5Atlanta #wx pic.twitter.com/CD8X2WQ6tS

— Billy Heath III (@BillyHeathFOX5) September 14, 2023

“All students living in the residential areas affected by flooding are in the process of being relocated to new housing. We will continue to assess the impact of the severe inclement weather,” the university said in a statement.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens also released a statement after the flooding reassuring the city and thanking first responders.

“The Administration has deployed the full resources of the City to address the flash flooding incidents after heavy rain across the metro area. Our Department of Watershed Management has reported that intense storm fronts and hail moved through several communities. Preliminary rain gauges have shown three hours’ worth of rain in just 15 minutes in some areas of downtown. While some are still struggling with flooding issues, most flooding areas are receding.

“I’ve also called AUC Presidents, as well as Georgia Tech and Georgia State University, to check on students, faculty and staff to offer our full support.

“Thank you to our first responders, the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department, Atlanta Police Department, our E-911 personnel, Department of Watershed Management, Department of Public Works and everyone in our community pitching in to make sure we protect, care for and love on the people of Atlanta in emergency situations that occur every day.”


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