Sha’Carri Richardson Dishes On How She Finds Inspiration For Hairstyles

Source: Google! / Endless Wow Factor Campaign

Our phones are a portal to the world, allowing us to access knowledge and information at the tap of a screen. If you looked at my phone right now, you’d probably see searches for everything related to hair, Beyoncé, and stylish fits I want to buy. Me and Sha’Carri Richardson have that in common. I caught up with the beloved track and field star to chat about her participation in Google’s ‘Endless Wow Factor’ campaign. The woman with lightning speed and flawless hair revealed her Google search history is just like the rest of us.

Sha’Carri appears in the newly released campaign alongside Naomi Campbell, Brent Faiyez, and Bronny James who flex their use of Google’s new search feature that harnesses AI technology. During our quick chat, Sha’Carri opened up about filming the star-studded video, what’s in her search history, and her advice for Black girls.

Sha’Carri Richarson Google

“If you were to go through my Google searches, Sha’Carri began. “It would show different [hair] styles specifically on black women.” Like the rest of us, Sha’Carri uses the Internet to see “someone that looks like me as well as a hairstyle that flows beautifully against my skin.” Those styles include, “different braiding styles, different colors” that inspire her to “mix it up.”

According to Sha’Carri, she uses the search engine to find hair inspiration. “Give me a base inspiration that way I know a direction I wanna begin when it comes to picking out different styles for when I step on the track.”

Hair has been a constant narrative in the public’s obsession with the stellar athlete. Whether it’s a 30-inch buss down, braids, or head-turning colors, hair is one essence of her womanhood.

Source: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty

The gold medal-winning sprinter credits her family and hometown roots for keeping her grounded. “Being a black girl from Dallas, Texas, and having a great environment around me, a great family, and being blessed with a talent that I know very few people have,” she said when asked how she stays focused on her own path.

Sha’Carri can relate to her “inspiring” co-star Naomi Campbell, who forged her path in the supermodel world. “Something I could say learning from Naomi Campbell, not directly, but just from seeing the legacy she created for herself.” She continued, “Always be who you are, and allow who you are to shine. That shining will attract everything that is meant for you. Every time she struts down the runway, it just shows that every step she took, she knew she was walking to her destiny that she created for herself and that she knew she was gonna continue to walk in every step she took.”

For Sha’Carri, one of the best parts of filming the promo clip was working with young Black girls during her scene. “Seeing all of the different individuals, all the different young ladies there that are just putting themselves in a position to create a future for themselves and understanding the vibration that they are right now. I feel like that was honestly my favorite part of the campaign.”

Source: Tim Clayton – Corbis / Getty

Before we knew it, it was time to end our call, but Sha’Carri wanted to leave her fans with this message, “I know everybody can’t relate necessarily to sports, but everybody can relate to being human. Everybody can relate to wanting to be better despite where they are in life. So if anything, I would just leave with take every day to become better. Take every opportunity that you have for yourself to make yourself better. Any walk of life or path that you have. Every step you take, continue to want better for yourself.”


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