Small Doses, Big Choices: Amanda Seales Explores the Struggles of Decision-Making

One of the most universal challenges that US citizens face is the struggle to make decisions. Between the fear of missing out or the urgency to avoid pitfalls, the journey to make a choice can leave people with a high level of anxiety that affects their day-to-day lives. Whether it involves making decisions at work, ending romantic relationships, or making a big purchase, the tension that exists in decision-making can leave you feeling lost and confused.

On a recent episode of the Small Doses podcast, Amanda Seales shares how to find your flow and the importance of using your intuition to figure out when to redirect or let go.




“Faith doesn’t have to be specifically associated with some type of religion, it’s the trust in the unseen” – Amanda Seales. The episode starts out as Seales recounts the time when Tabitha Brown joined her on the podcast as a guest to share her story of faith. Brown told the story of the time she spoke to God she realized that she needed to be obedient and put her trust in God to keep her on the right path. However, the episode grapples with the question: What happens when your spirituality doesn’t align with traditional paths? Amanda shares her personal experiences and the struggles of navigating a unique spiritual journey.

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Big Ups & Let Downs Releasing A Political Documentary While Being Black Balled

Amanda had a very big year in 2023, from launching a radio show, joining the Urban One Podcast Network, and releasing a self-funded political documentary, 2023 was a huge year for Amanda. However, it wasn’t just sunshine and rainbows. While celebrating a year full of wins, Seales tells us of how she had to navigate a rocky relationship, discovering she was not allowed to perform at various comedy clubs, and learning how to revitalize her inspiration for her art in an industry that doesn’t support you.

Listen to the full episode of Small Doses: Side Effects of Finding Your Flow  here, to learn how to trust your intuition and find your flow.





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