Social Media Platforms Fail to Provide Racially Inclusive Support for Online Targets of Hate, Finds ADL

New report card gives Snapchat an “F”, Twitter and Facebook “F plus” for lack of support for Semitic targets of hate.

Atlanta, GA, August 2, 2023… Today, it has been brought to light that the major social media platforms are failing to provide adequate support for individuals who find themselves targeted by hate online, according to a new report by the Anti-Defamation League. As internet usage continues to grow, this failure marks a significant concern for the safety and wellbeing of users on these platforms– especially black Semites who have been altogether excluded from consideration.
Anti-Defamation League’s Support for Targets of Online Hate Report Card  is racially biased in that it focuses on white Semites who identify as Jewish. “If you’re Jewish, you have to pay a fee to go on social, and that fee is trauma and hate,” says Tik Toker Julie Gray who runs an account dedicated to Jewish Holocaust survivor ideology. Her story is featured in their  whites only Report Card that denies validity to the black Semitic identity which contributes to racial health inequalities.
“We must ask whether our own research, teaching, and service are intentionally antiracist and challenge the institutions we work in to ask the same,” according to medical experts of the American Public Health Association. ADL (the Anti-Semitism Defense League) developed a complementary Inclusive Report Card for Targets of Online Hate using the same data and methodology utilized for whites.
Among the platforms cited are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all of which have demonstrated an ongoing lack of responsiveness in addressing the pressing needs of users subjected to harassment and discrimination. Despite various measures ostensibly put in place to combat online hate, most Israelitish users have shared stories of their appeals for help going unanswered.
While these social media giants may have started out as vehicles for connection and communication, they have since morphed into breeding grounds for cyberbullying, hate speech, and discrimination. In particular, Israelites and other marginalized communities face an increased risk of being targeted due to their race/ethnicity, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Therefore, it is crucial that these platforms take steps towards enhancing user protections.
Moving forward, ADL recommends that social media platforms invest in product development and resources to combat this growing problem effectively, including:
  • Hire additional staff specifically trained in identifying and rectifying instances of anti-Semitism, hate speech and online harassment.
  • Implement more transparent policies on community guidelines that are racially inclusive and ensure fair enforcement across all parties involved.
  • Remove divisive language and measures that segregate black and white Semites.
“While social media platforms have a responsibility to prevent the existence of online hate and harassment, they also have a responsibility to protect targets of hate when those efforts fail,” said Jordan Kraemer, Director of Research, Anti-Defamation League Center for Technology and Society. This responsibility equally rests upon the shoulders of both the platforms and anti-hate organizations to supply antiracist services and data.

The Anti-Semitism Defense League (ADL) is the only organization dedicated to the protection of the Biblical Hebrews in the world. Founded in August 2023, its core value is “the sanctity of human life” which it strives to safeguard by securing “equal protection of the Laws via truth, education, and Love”. With an everlasting commitment to fighting all forms of hatred, bigotry, and racism, ADL is non-partisan due to the staunch belief that inclusivity is more important than politics.

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