Social Media Racists Call Black Hockey Player ‘Murderer’ After Charges For Skate Cutting White Opponent’s Throat

Matt Petgrave skates on July 26, 2023, at Agganis Arena in Boston, Massachusetts. | Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

The professional ice hockey player whose skate fatally cut another player’s neck during a match in the U.K. last month is being peppered with racist abuse on social media after police made an arrest and brought charges of manslaughter this week.

Matt Petgrave, who is Black, is persistently being called a “murderer” and “Black supremacist” by racist trolls online after Adam Johnson, who is white, died from the gruesome injury sustained mid-game on the ice as shown in graphic video footage that’s gone viral.

Another day another black criminal gets put on a pedestal… Matt petgrave is a psycho murderer and I’m sure he and the rest of his trash are just so pleased that it was a white man that he killed… The White liberal media have their asses bent over for anything black…


— Depopulation-in-progress (@shadowbannedFU) November 1, 2023

Although Johnson’s team quickly called the incident a “freak accident,” it was reported this week that local law enforcement arrested a man who was ultimately criminally charged for allegedly committing manslaughter during a match that was played in front of thousands of spectators.

It’s truly amazing how cucks will defend a murderer just because he’s black.
“Oh yes, beautiful good boy, you’re so brave for chimping out and killing an innocent man in a fit of black rage”#AdamJohnson #mattpetgrave

— M88 (@GalaxyEnjoyer) November 1, 2023

Privacy laws in the U.K. prevent a suspect’s name from being made public, making it unclear if Petgrave was actually the one charged. But conventional wisdom suggests there is no one else to hold accountable and that Petgrave was indeed the person charged.

Because the murderer is Matt Petgrave. He black.

— Alan McCright (@Alan_McCright) November 14, 2023

Either way, in the court of public opinion – at least, among racists – Petgrave is a “murderer.”

Despite the absence of any apparent nefarious intent while competing in a sport in which violence is encouraged and fistfights are literally written into the rulebook, exaggerated social media memes accused Petgrave of “murdering” Johnson and seized upon racist tropes to portray him as a bloodthirsty and homicidal monster who deserves to be executed.

@matt_petgrave92 Black supremacist Matt Petgrave is a pre-meditated vicious racist murderer of White hockey player Adam Johnson. Death penalty for Petgrave.
Biblical judgement.

— Dr Sema de Wolfe PhD (@DrSemaDeWolfe) October 31, 2023

Not all hockey fans in the U.K. blamed Petgrave, who was recently greeted with a standing ovation before a match. (Of course, that got the racists even angrier…)

8000 white people stand and applaud black ice hockey murderer Matt Petgrave because he plays for ‘their’ team.

— Way of the World (@wayotworld) November 14, 2023

The nature of the criminal charges for Johnson’s death is unprecedented.

@matt_petgrave92 Death penalty for murderer Black supremacist Matt Petgrave. He committed an intention hate act of murder against White player Adam Johnson. Everyone who knows hockey knows this truth.

— Dr Sema de Wolfe PhD (@DrSemaDeWolfe) October 31, 2023

“Even in cases when there has been very serious injury caused to someone, falling short of death, it is often the case that the regulatory authorities of that particular sport or the governing body of that sport will get involved rather than the police dealing with it,” Patrick Maguire, a partner at a British law firm, told the Athletic.

Yay! Gotta restructure hockey because of a black guy MURDERING another player by cutting his throat by throwing his leg up in an unprecedented kick to the throat. IMO @MattPetgrave is a murderer. Simple as that.
DIEversity. @ScottAdamsSays is right !

— Serge (@SergeDeNovo) October 31, 2023

Racism is rampant among law enforcement in the U.K., according to recent reports. That apparently includes the South Yorkshire Police – the department investigating Johnson’s death – which was in the news last summer after one of its constables was fired for being caught using an anti-Black racial slur on a Snapchat video.


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