State of Israel Sues United States for Centuries of Slavery and Genocide

De Jure Hebrew State demands Reparation on behalf of Transatlantic Slavetrade Descendants

Atlanta, GA, October 31, 2023 … Today, Lord Tsemach Yada ben David of Israel announced that she is prosecuting a case against the United States in the U.S. Supreme Court, pursuant the law of nations. The suit is for breach of State obligations under peremptory norms of international public law. This historic first is to obtain justice for Israelites whose ancestors were stripped of their nationality, then reduced to chattel enslavement and genocide in America from 1619-1776, and from 1776 to the present.

As tensions continue to escalate in the Middle East, the ongoing conflict between Zionists and Palestinian nationalist group HAMAS has become a major talking point for political analysts and concerned citizens alike. Understanding the underlying motive and historical context of these opposing factions was the creation of the Zionist State in 1948 followed by illegal occupation of the Holy Land and ethnic cleansing of its inhabitants is crucial in order to shed light on this complex situation. While both Zionists and HAMAS possess deeply rooted beliefs that fuel their conviction for their respective causes, legal claim to the Land belongs exclusively to the Hebrew Messiah.

“We sympathize with innocent victims of terrorism and hatred. Violence is not a sustainable solution to the issue of lawlessness. Civilized nations must resolve their differences by legal means in an unbiased public forum that recognizes the inherent dignity of every human,” says Lord Tsemach who believes peaceable redress of grievances between the State of Israel and the U.S. should help facilitate peace in the region.

“My People need closure for the unparalleled atrocities suffered. Voluntarily meted justice would have been ideal, but involuntary Reparation has become the necessary reality due to unwillingness of Aggressors to make amends for their Aggressions. We must have justice, and we must have peace,” she continues. Bible prophecy is clear: the Holy Land will not be at rest until the Twelve Tribes of Israel return Home. (Jeremiah 23:3-8; Ezekiel 37:21-25; Isaiah 60:18-21)

“It’s understandable that Jews would like a homeland, but that desire cannot disinherit the Children of Israel, dehumanize any member of the human family, or legitimize genocide,” says the Lord. When asked for thoughts on the militant Zionist Regime and plans for the immediate future, she solemnly replied: “The State of Israel does not recognize or acknowledge international criminal organizations of any kind. Our focus now is on self-improvement to finish restoring and rebuilding our Nation.”

With the estimated value of reparations being between $10 and $12 trillion, a successful outcome in the Hebrew State’s case against the U.S. would be more than sufficient to reassemble Israelites from around the world and re-establish them in their ancestral Homeland (Deuteronomy 30:3 & Isaiah 52:12). The massive sum would also provide ample funding for the fledgling economy, as well as bolster the United Kingdom of Israel to become the most prosperous nation on the planet.

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