Suburban Boston Middle School, Teachers Accused Of Ignoring Repeated Racist Bullying Of Black Student

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A Black middle school student has been repeatedly called the N-word by classmates without teachers or school administrators doing anything to stop it, according to a federal civil rights complaint with the U.S. Department of Education.

The 7th-grade student, David Palacios, and his mother, Nita Holder, told NBC Boston about the experience alleged at Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School.

“I’ve been called the N-word a few times, it all started out with jokes then they started to take it too far,” Palacios told NBC Boston about the kind of racist bullying he said he has had to endure.

NBC Boston reported:

“He would come home crying and say “why are they treating me different? They treat me different and they don’t treat the other kids this way,’” she said.

David says he tried reaching out to the students hurling racial slurs at him through texts, where he said in one, “u make me feel uncomfortable stop texting me nothing would happened if you didn’t say the N-word multiple times.”

More from NBC Boston:

David also says he reached out to his teachers: “I was telling them this and this person have been calling me the N-word and they never did anything about it.”

“There was an eighth grader and he had called me an N-word in the hallway and then pushed me.”

Melrose Public Schools told NBC Boston it wasn’t aware of any alleged racist bullying until the federal complaint was filed on Monday.

But Holder, Palacio’s mom, said Interim Superintendent John Macero “was aware of what happened to my son and he did not reach out, he did not offer any type of support.”

It was the latest instance of alleged racism in the Boston area, which has been dogged by a reputation particularly for anti-Black racism for decades.

The allegations out of Melrose, which is fewer than two miles south of Boston, come days after it was reported a teacher at a local elementary school was placed on paid administrative leave following accusations of holding a mock slave auction and saying a racist slur on separate occasions, according to

These are far from isolated allegations.

Back in 2022, a mostly white Catholic high school in suburban Boston not only willingly chose to serve fried chicken for a Black History Month event, but administrators also turned around and placed the blame squarely on the shoulders of an African American cafeteria worker, offering a unique double-whammy of “racist” practices decried by Black students.

This is America.


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