Suspected White Supremacist Mad He’s Getting Death Threats After Allegedly Vowing To ‘Kill Me A N*gger’

Source: Lewiston Police Department

Another day, another racist white person terrorizes and harasses their Black neighbors and then plays the victim once they’re facing consequences for it.

On Tuesday, the Department of Justice announced the arrest of Charles Allen Barnes of Lewiston, Maine. Barnes was charged with one count of violating the federal interstate threats statute after being accused of using an interstate communications service to transmit a voice message to his Black neighbor, identified only as “K.T.,” in which he claimed he was parked outside a Black neighbor’s house and ready to kill any Black person who stepped outside.

“I’ve been parked outside [K.T.’s] apartment since early this f—ing morning, sis,” the recorded message says, according to the indictment. “Waiting for someone to step outside, and the first who does is gonna die. Just like that. I don’t care if it’s her kid, or her, or her boyfriend. I don’t care, I don’t care. I’m killing me a n—r.” The indictment also alleges that Barnes “intentionally selected K.T. as the object of the offense because of the actual and perceived race and color of K.T. and her son.”

‘I’m Killing Me a N***er’

Charles Allen Barnes Said He Wanted to Kill Any Black Person That Came Out of His Neighor’s Home

“I’ve been parked outside Black Womens apartment since early this f—ing morning, sis. Waiting for someone to step outside, and the first who who does is…

— We Expose Racist & Pedos (@WeSeeRacist) September 13, 2023

But Barnes, apparently, does not appreciate being treated like a violent racist who hates and wishes to kill Black people for simply existing in close proximity to him—just because that’s exactly what he appears to be. In fact, the day before his arrest, he posted his complaints on Facebook about how he’s being treated exactly like he’s accused of treating his Black neighbor and her Black family.

“Ever since the story put out by Maine’s Attorney General came out about me, my life has been hell. Between consistent tampering with my car, harassment from a few customers, eviction, death threats … ect,” he wrote, according to Law & Crime. “Why don’t you call the police? Because someone can literally cut my brake lines and the cops won’t even write a basic report, they will just instantly accuse me of doing it myself to scam my, LIABILITY ONLY insurance that won’t cover it. Charged and Convicted are two separate things but no one cares.”

Imagine publicly crying about being harassed and receiving death threats for allegedly harassing and sending death threats to someone else. Barnes also seems to have gotten oddly specific while decrying a white man’s inability to receive justice in America. (Stop laughing, Black people, he’s serious.) He needed us all to know his insurance is “LIABILITY ONLY” for when the cops accuse him of trying to defraud his insurance company after someone cut his brake lines—in the fake scenario he entirely conjured up in his own delusional mind. 

But Barnes is right: “Charged and Convicted are two separate things.” After all, it really does seem like the government is out to get him. First, imaginary cops are functionally blaming him after his hypothetical brake lines got gut from a non-existent assailant. So, it’s completely plausible that the authorities, for no discernable reason, fabricated a racist and threatening voice message made to sound like it came directly from the real victim’s imaginary lips. (I’m honestly not sure if I’m laying the sarcasm on thick enough here.)

And to think, all of this could have been avoided if racists could keep their bigotry to themselves instead of letting their Klan slips show and then crying white supremacist tears once they’re caught.


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