SZN Opener: LSU Wide Receiver Kyren Lacy Talks Going From The Sun Belt To The SEC, Player Development & More

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SZN Opener is back with new episodes dropping every week. On Season 2 of this dynamic podcast series, host and noted sports analyst Monica McNutt showcases Black college athletes and explores their triumphs, challenges and aspirations along their sports journeys.

In Episode 5, LSU wide receiver Kyren Lacy shares the inspiring journey that led him to discover football in high school and how he ended up playing for LSU.

The senior wide receiver played two seasons at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) before joining the football program at Louisiana State University (LSU). His performance on the field has distinguished him as a valuable offensive asset for the LSU Fighting Tigers.

Lacy fell in love with football in high school

The Thibodaux, Louisiana native started out as a standout basketball player in high school, until he was encouraged to try football by friend and mentor, Jeremiah Gray. He fell in love with the game and the rest is history.

“I would have never thought I would be playing football,” Lacy tells McNutt. “It’s still crazy to me that I play football but I love everything about football … I eat, sleep, and think about football all day.”

He improved his game all the way to the SEC

The athlete’s football journey continued as he received offers for college. As a freshman, he landed at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

“When I didn’t qualify, UL still took a chance on me, and they sat with me through the whole process. So I stayed with them,” Lacy says. “A lot of teams tried to make me flip, but I was about being loyal. I still salute those guys.”

During his sophomore season at ULL, Lacy played an integral role in securing the Ragin’ Cajuns’ 13-1 record and winning the Sun Belt Conference title in 2021.

Ahead of his junior year, he decided to transfer to LSU. “The people out here love football and they love LSU. That’s one thing I love about being at LSU,” says the Louisiana native.

Going from the Sun Belt Conference to the SEC was a major transition, but Lacy continued to improve his game on the field. At that point, he was ready for more. “I’m just like, I’m ready for this next chapter. I’m willing to bet on myself and whatever I gotta do to get to this point,” he says.

During his junior year at LSU, where he is studying Sports Administration, Lacy earned a spot on the 2022 Fall SEC Academic Honor Roll. His work ethic and drive helped him rise as a football player in a short period of time.

“I wanted to be around people that wanted to win, that were going to keep me pushing to go forward and be the best version of myself. So I started hanging around the right people, being with guys on the same track as me,” the LSU receiver says. “That’s where everything took off.”

Lacy also shares his pregame playlist and addresses the pros and cons of NIL (name, image and likeness) for college athletes and how he manages it.

Catch the full conversation with Kyren Lacy above. Listen to Episode 5 of SZN Opener Season 2 on the Urban One podcasts platform or your favorite streaming app.


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