Thanksgiving Mac & Cheese’s Most Viral Moments

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Food snobs can be so obnoxious when they offer criticism of those meal unsolicited pics that people are so fond of gratuitously posting to social media.

But on Thanksgiving, social media disproved that theory in a resounding fashion as users reacted with humorous facts to the whitest versions of macaroni and cheese, a holiday staple that has somehow been bastardized by cooks with predilections for infusing any given meal with raisins and other inappropriate additives that dilute the beautiful simplicity of what standard mac and cheese recipes call for.

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For instance, while citing raisins is a hyperbolic, tongue-in-cheek metaphor for any food prepared by white people, Thanksgiving mac and cheese photos posted to social media on Thursday show that it is no exaggeration to say that Black people have one united vision of what the dish looks like, while white folks, er, um… let’s just say they don’t.


This is what your Mac n cheese should look like.

— Lori Granito (@lorigspeaks) November 23, 2021

From using pasta that isn’t macaroni to laying slices of Kraft American cheese on top to mixing in ingredients that are decidedly not macaroni, cheese, flour and milk, social media timelines across the world were replete with photos of unique versions of mac and cheese that were more times than not presented by white people.

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That prompted a consistent chorus of Black Twitter dissidents to quote-tweet said mac and cheese abhorations by offering  such accurate responses that included but certainly were not limited to: “yall needa stop playing;” “now wtf is this?!?!” and this writer’s personal favorite: “I’m convinced people make horribly ugly plates and post them on here on purpose.”

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To be sure, it wasn’t just the mac and cheese. Many of the photos of the struggle plates showed other dishes looking just as suspect as the mac and cheese did. In that context, we are posting the below photos without comment.

We do Thanksgiving different in the south about to go back for seconds

— Jake (@JakeAndBall) November 25, 2021

Threw down

— 勇気 (@sknotnice) November 25, 2021

To be sure, Black Twitter doesn’t only turn its food pic ire toward white offenders.

It was nearly a year ago when Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was um, judged harshly, over photos she was tweeting of the side dishes she prepared for Christmas. In particular, when Bottoms posted a picture of her roasted Brussels sprouts, some folks noted they didn’t actually look roasted at all.

The same was true a year before that in 2019, when everything came full circle after Bottoms tweeted a photo of her mac and cheese. Everybody from the Root to the Today Show had something negative to say about the way the mayor’s mac and cheese looked. Bottoms insisted that “my Mac N Cheese is STILL good.”

Still dry…

— The PLEASURE and the PRINCIPAL (@last_atl_gent) December 25, 2019

Just like the reactions to the whitest versions of mac and cheese in 2021, Black Twitter begged to differ.

Keep reading to find some of the most widely criticized mac and cheese offenders of the 2021 holiday season.

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