Trump’s Lawyer Accuses Fani Willis Of Playing The Race Card

Steve Sadow, attorney for Donald Trump, speaks during a hearing in the 2020 Georgia election interference case at the Fulton County Courthouse on December 1, 2023, in Atlanta, Georgia. | Source: Pool / Getty

Earlier this month, we reported that Michael Roman, a former Donald Trump campaign official and co-defendant in Trump’s election interference RICO case in Georgia, filed a motion in court seeking to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, her office and Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade based on allegations that Willis had an inappropriate affair with Wade and that she engaged in misconduct by hiring him and by spending taxpayer money on lavash vacations with him, among other accusations.

Weeks later, certain things about this story haven’t changed. Roman still hasn’t presented any evidence that the allegations against Willis and Wade are true, and Willis still hasn’t responded to the allegations publicly in an unambiguous way. What has changed, albeit predictably, is that Trump is now getting in on the strategy to get the case dismissed, and his council is accusing Willis of playing the race card. (As previously reported, she spoke at a Black church in Atlanta and implied Wade was being called unqualified because he’s Black—and all the anti-DEI crusaders got offended by that for some reason.)

From USA Today:

Steve Sadow, Trump’s lead defense counsel, said Trump’s decision to join co-defendant Michael Roman in trying to have the case dismissed was based in part on Willis’s refusal to address the accusations − and her decision to blame those efforts on racism.

“The motion filed today on behalf of President Trump seeks to hold District Attorney Willis legally accountable both for her misconduct alleged in a motion filed by Mr. Roman, as well as her extrajudicial public statements falsely and intentionally injecting race into this case,” Sadow said in a statement to USA TODAY.

In doing so, he said, Willis had violated her responsibilities under the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct. “Her attempt to foment racial animus and prejudice against the defendants in order to divert and deflect attention away from her alleged improprieties calls out for the sanctions of dismissal and disqualification,” Sadow said.

Listen: I understand that a defense attorney is going to do what a defense attorney doeswhich is to exploit any legal strategy that will work to their client’s benefit, no matter how absurd—but come on, now. Are we really going to let Sadow play around in our faces and pretend Trump accusing anyone of race-baiting isn’t the MAGA hat calling the Confederate flag red

Trump literally called Willis a “young racist” who had an affair with a “gang member” without having a shred of evidence to support either claim. He has leveled the accusation at every Black legal official who has launched a case against himincluding Willis, New York Attorney General Letitia James, and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Braggnumerous times without even bothering to elaborate on what any of them have said or done to indicate racial bias against white people. And all of it has been done in a feeble effort to discredit these officials without directly addressing the cases they have against him in any non-convoluted way. It’s a clear display of racism that has gone unchecked by conservative media outlets or Trump’s fellow Republicans, who, in any other instance, purport to abhor the playing of the race card. 

Setting aside the fact that Trump crying racism is, again, the MAGA snowflake calling the Klan hood white, Willis has already said that she will respond to the allegations against her via the legal process, which is the only meaningful way she could address them anyway. Obviously, Sadow doesn’t see it that way.

“These assertions by the DA engender a great likelihood of substantial prejudice towards the defendants in the eyes of the public in general, and prospective jurors in Fulton County in particular,” Sadow argued. “Moreover, the DA’s self-serving comments came with the added, sought after, benefit of garnering racially based sympathy for her self-inflicted quagmire.”

Yeah—it’s wild how oblivious he is to the fact that he’s describing his client perfectly. Or maybe he’s just mad it didn’t work when Trump tried it. 


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