Tyrese Says He Wishes He Was ‘Born Latino’ In Rant About Black Families

Actor and singer Tyrese attends the Recording Academy Honors presented by the Black Music Collective in Los Angeles on February 1, 2024. | Source: ROBYN BECK / Getty

Singer and actor Tyrese Gibson has apparently decided to kick off Black History Month by being anti-Black under the guise of wanting Black people to do better.

On the eve of BHM, the “How You Gonna Act Like That” singer took to Instagram with a wholesome video showing the emotional response of a Latino family’s patriarch being surprised with a new vehicle as a show of support for all the sacrifices he made for the family. It was sweet. It was heartwarming. It was a beautiful raindrop of positivity in the sea of negativity and dread we see in their media and on social media every day.

Unless you ask Tyrese—in which case, it’s the perfect opportunity to wag one’s finger at the Black community while lecturing them in the most condescending way imaginable while putting other races on pedestals none of us actually belong on.

Basically, Tyrese’s Black a** wishes he was Latino now.

“Sometimes I wish I was born Latino,” he wrote. “I mean the Latin community is grounded in family, loyal, entrepreneurs, businessman, and women literally represent the dream, the grind the hustle doing whatever it takes to stick together against all odds.”

“If us is black culture was more grounded in these integral magical nuances of us we would be dominant,” he continued.

Tyrese didn’t stop with his fantasy of Rachel Dolezaling his way into the Latino community all because he saw a video of a father getting a nice gift from his kids and apparently thought, “Nobody else does that, especially not us Blacks.” The “Sweet Lady” artist went on to praise the Jewish and Muslim communities for being much, much better than Black people when it comes to valuing family.

“I’ve learned a lot from the Jewish community sticking together eating dinner every Friday together,” he wrote. “I’ve learned a lot about the Muslim community throughout all my travels in the Middle East. They have a father structure where they honor their fathers the Middle East the thinking in the mentality is that they would much rather have a son over a daughter because they know that there is nothing like the leadership of a FATHER and a man being the head of the household.”

“I have no idea how we lost our way.. We can’t get anything done and accomplished, as a fragmented culture…. insecure, threatened by each other m… Competitive towards our own race, killing ourselves every single day frivolously the majority of us is black men and the millions are locked up in prison,” Tyrese concluded. (It would be as irresponsible not to immediately point out that it is not and has literally never been true that most Black men are “locked up in prison.”)

OK, we get it—the guy who cheated on his Black wife and cries about having to pay child support for his Black children wants Black people to do better and honor our in-home fathers more. But this man is no critical thinker. If he were, he would be aware of all the research that shows broken families are more consistent with those living in poverty than it is with any racial group in particular. (There’s certainly a conversation to be had about why Black people are disproportionately poor, but that’s another post for another day.) The 45-year-old has also up and decided that Latino, Muslim and Jewish families are all the same and don’t have problems, familial or otherwise, while Black people are categorically averse to entrepreneurship, eating dinner together and the archaic, patriarchal tradition of honoring the father as the default head of the household. (And, again, Tyrese, where’s your household at, bruh?)

One can only wonder if Gibson understands the Black people he’s chiding are largely responsible for his career. Certainly, he doesn’t think BET would have spent years running Baby Boy on repeat if he were born a Latino man.

Seriously, how exactly did he expect Black people to respond to this?

Boy! Fuck you talmbout! As much money as the black have supported your movies with! Ok! We trade you for @iamcardib then! https://t.co/QBQGvLjDef

— DaliDaddy (@Phillybae88) February 1, 2024

Let’s just make a running list of terrible things happening during BHM:

1. Taylor Swift appropriates the “Swag Surf”
2. Trey Songz & Jacqueese have R&Beef
3. Tyrese wishes he was Latino
4. Fades are now referred to as the “Travis Kelce” https://t.co/814n5aTU1s

— @kp_official1 on IG (@kp_official_1) February 2, 2024

I pop in on IG and see Tyrese wants to be Latino idk what’s going on! https://t.co/1DHg0eNeNw

— inscrutable ninja (@neecye) February 1, 2024

#Tyrese says he wishes he was Latino instead of Black American on his latest IG post. THATS FINE.

Just make sure it’s the Latinos buying his music.

ADOS will not support Tyrese music anymore. #FuckTyrese pic.twitter.com/MgOIE6vEmp

— H-Diddy (@LoveTheGreat0ne) February 1, 2024

Tyrese is a sorry excuse for a black man & his words will be weaponized against the Black community. So he just gonna ignore the pedophilia that’s rampant in the Jewish community & illegal Latinos committing crime sprees.

— Brotha Moe (@mahfooyee) February 2, 2024

Hopefully, all of the negative feedback from the Black people he was trying to reach will cause Tyrese to do some soul-searching and see where he went wrong. In the meantime, here’s a video that went viral a few years ago showing an emotional Black father leaping into his Black son’s arms after being surprised with a brand new truck.


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