Video Shows ‘JetBlue Karen’ Accuse Black Flight Attendants Of Denying Her Alcohol Because She’s White

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Listen: The only thing worse than a Karen is a Karen on an airplane—because there’s really no escaping them then. Actually, the only thing worse than a Karen, besides a Karen on an airplane, is a Karen who thinks she’s a victim of anti-Caucasian racial injustice. Recently, flight attendants and passengers flying with JetBlue—which has had its share of Karen incidents—had to deal with the trifecta: a Karen…on a plane…who thinks she was discriminated against because of her whiteness.

The video posted to TikTok began the way many Karen events get started: with a white person being told no. A Black flight attendant can be heard telling the white woman that she’s “disturbing the cabin” and that she won’t be served alcohol, which is what airplane personnel tends to do with any passenger who is already causing a disturbance before being served any drinks (especially when it appears that they’re already pretty drunk). But in the mind of the Karen, she’s being discriminated against due to some imaginary Kim Crow policy under which she’s being denied service.

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“You never served me any alcohol, but you served the Black people,” she can be heard saying. “You’re discriminating against me because I’m white.”


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OK, first of all, let’s just think about how hard she must have been studying all the Black passengers in her vicinity to even know (or perceive) that they were being served drinks while she wasn’t. Her Black people radar must have been buzzing all over the place. She has to be a true Karen—the type who feels a disturbance in the force whenever a Black or brown person is spotted within a block of her residence. Yes, she must be a Karen Jedi.

Never mind the fact that there were certainly other white people on the flight and yet she’s the only one complaining about some imaginary “no shoes, no shirt, no melanin, no service” policy. What appears to be the case is she saw the flight attendants were Black, and based on that alone, she assumed her whiteness was what put her and her alone on the no-drink list. So, basically, she’s a racist complaining about reverse racism. (I’m not saying she’s a Trump supporter, but racists arbitrarily calling Black people racist comes straight out of the MAGA messiah’s playbook.)

Eventually, Becky with the caucasified persecution complex takes her seat while still complaining that her white skin has gotten her blacklisted from enjoying a Blacks-only alcoholic beverage.

“I’m white, and you don’t like white people,” she said while pointing at the Black flight attendants. “Black life matters? White life matters. It’s all peace and love.” (So, white people are shouting “all lives matter” over booze now? I mean, for all she knows the airplane workers were only preventing her from drinking too much because all livers matter.)

“It’s f*cked up,” she continued. “F*cked up sh*t.”

A second recording shows the woman being escorted off the plane by a Black security guard, and the irony was not lost on the man holding the camera or the surrounding passengers, who all had a good laugh at the spectacle.


@JetBlue_Airlines #walkofshame #part2

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“Now everybody clap,” the person filming the video says as the woman is being walked out. “Look at that—you get escorted by a Black person.” The passengers laugh and one of them sarcastically shouts “white power” followed by more laughs.

Yeah, calm down, Karen. No one is discriminating against you because you’re white. Now, your sense of entitlement and resentment of Black authority—that might be because you’re white.


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