Video Shows Racist Security Guard Repeatedly Call Black Woman The N-Word For Honking At Him In Traffic

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Time and time again a certain segment of American society reminds us that if you want to know whether a white person is racist, all you have to do is get them upset while being a Black person. And sometimes it takes next to nothing to accomplish it. Sometimes all it takes is the most common, mundane conflict—one that most people find mildly annoying at worst—to make a disgruntled Caucasian reveal himself as an anti-Black bigot. 

Meet Houston security guard David Tupper.

Tupper reportedly got so angry over a Black woman lightly honking at him when he failed to go at a green traffic light—again, the most regular-degular of traffic interactions—that he launched into a fit of racial slurs and also allegedly damaged the woman’s car. The woman confronted him inside a gas station about the altercation and, of course, she recorded their interaction.

Houston security guard throws racial slurs at black woman after spitting on her

— HBMtv (@HBM__tv) October 23, 2023

The video begins with Tupperwho Fox 26 reported is an ex-police officer, according to his online profile (I know, shocking)—calling the Black woman, Denishia Lewis, a “n****r b***h.”

“Get the f**k away from me, you classless b***h,” he continued.

Later in the recording, Lewis can be heard telling bystanders, “I’m a stupid N-word everybody,” to which Tupper responded, “Yes, she is a stupid n****r.”

Lewis told Fox 26 that Tupper also punched and damaged her car and that he spit on her. As far as the damage to her vehicle goes, Tupper appeared to all but admit to causing the damage because Lewis honked at him.

“He hit my mirror,” Lewis said, to which Tupper replied, “Go fix your car and stop honking at people when you don’t need to.”

From Fox 26:

Before hurling hateful words there in a gas station, Lewis says she first encountered security guard David Tupper stopped in Stafford at a traffic light behind him. She says when the light turned green he didn’t go.

“I literally tapped the horn like this (honk),” Lewis demonstrates with a honk that’s barely audible.

Lewis says she thought she was giving a police officer a courtesy toot, but she says he continued to sit there on his motorcycle. When the left lane cleared, she says she went around him.

“I hear acceleration from the bike and the next thing you know he accelerates from the right lane and punches my right mirror,” says Lewis. According to her, he hit the mirror so hard it cracked the plastic casing.

So Lewis says when he stopped and went inside the gas station, she approached him.

“And I said excuse me sir, did you really just hit my mirror, like, I need some insurance information,” Lewis explains. She says she couldn’t believe the racist names he was calling her, so she started recording.

The Stafford Police Department has confirmed that the incident is under investigation due to the alleged damage done to Lewis’ car, which should make Tupper regret that while letting his Klan robe slip, he pretty much said he was responsible for it without saying it. Meanwhile, Lewis, who said her 13-year-old son was riding with her at the time of the incident, is just hoping justice is done.

“He called me a coon, a monkey, a (N-word). I’m not a coon. I’m not a monkey, and I’m not an N-word. I’m Black, and I’m American, and I’m human just like he is,” she said.

“If I would have made the wrong move or given him any reason,” she continued. “That’s why he said all of those things about mebecause he wanted to have a reason to take me out. I was afraid. I was so afraid. Even now, I feel physically drained. I couldn’t even go to work the next two days after this happened.”

More from Fox 26.

“It’s very emotional for me. He made me feel like I was literally in the slavery days. When I walked out of the store, he started following me. ‘Come here you n-word, b-word. Come here you n-word, b-word’ he was saying and when I turned around, he spit on me,” Lewis says. After he spit on her, she says she walked away and reported it to police.

“I hope justice is served. I hope he never gets employed as an officer, security officer, security guard, armed or unarmed, none of that anymore,” says Lewis.

Two security companies have taken to social media saying David Tupper is a “former” employee and the companies say they find his behavior “deeply troubling” and “reprehensible.”

Hopefully, whatever company he’s currently working for sees the video and fires him as well. Driving or even existing while Black is getting far too dangerous.


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