Video Shows Xenophobic ‘Guardian Angels’ Vigilante Group Attack ‘Migrant’ Who’s Actually A U.S. Citizen

Former Republican nominee for New York City Mayor and founder of nonprofit volunteer public safety organization Guardian Angels, Curtis Sliwa, joins protesters at John Paul Jones Park opposing the New York City Council’s plan to open migrant shelters in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, on October 3, 2023. | Source: Anadolu / Getty

Earlier this week, Fox News‘ Sean Hannity conducted a live interview with border patrol militia group founder Curtis Sliwa, who spoke to Hannity from New York City’s Times Square. Hannity was hoping to highlight disorder and crime in NYC caused by migrants who became new arrivals to the city. Instead, what his crew caught on camera was a bunch of white vigilantes roughing up a random brown person who, of course, happens to be a U.S. citizen from the Bronx.

The other night as Sean Hannity spoke to Curtis Silva, a man with a darker complexion was shown being surrounded and assaulted in the background by his crew. “Our Guys Have Just Taken Down One of the Migrant Guys.’

Here’s the problem…

1) The man was ACTUALLY an American…

— Brian Krassenstein (@krassenstein) February 8, 2024

From the Associated Press:

The bizarre altercation played out as Curtis Sliwa, founder of the anti-crime patrol group, was speaking to Sean Hannity from Times Square, flanked by volunteers in their signature red berets and bomber jackets.

As some Guardian Angels began leaving Sliwa’s side to attend to an off-screen disturbance, the camera panned to show them confronting an unidentified man, pushing him to the sidewalk and placing him in a headlock.

“In fact, our guys have just taken down one of the migrant guys on the corner of 42nd and 7th where all of this has taken place,” Sliwa told Hannity. Throwing his hands in the air, he added: “They’ve taken over!”

The man is not a migrant, but a New Yorker from the Bronx, police said Wednesday afternoon. Though Sliwa claimed the man had been caught shoplifting, police provided no evidence to support the allegation.

According to a New York Police Department spokesperson, officers arrived to find a man “detained by bystanders” after he allegedly tried to disrupt a live interview. Police said the man was issued a disorderly conduct summons because he was acting in a loud and threatening manner on a public sidewalk.

So, Hannity has this white man on his show literally pointing at random Latino people in NYC and blatantly declaring, “They’ve taken over!” Then, without blinking an eye, Sliwa practically begs the cameraman to pan over to the only significant thing that appeared to be happening in the area at the time, which was his fellow MAGA crusaders laying their hands on a citizen they racially profiled while asserting their unofficial authority that doesn’t actually exist in any legal capacity whatsoever—and it’s just another Tuesday at Fox News. Sliwa even managed to conjure up a fresh shoplifting allegation to pin on the non-migrant, apparently, out of thin air.

But if we were to call the Guardian Angels a band of white nationalist rent-a-cops and Fox News a facilitator of white supremacist thuggery, we’d be wrong—right?

Then again, maybe I’m race-baiting here. Perhaps Sliwa and his diet ICE patrol had a perfectly good reason for suspecting that the man they accosted was an illegal migrant up to no good.

More from AP:

In an interview with The Associated Press, Sliwa said he had believed the man was a migrant because he was “speaking Spanish” and because other Guardian Angels had encountered him with other Spanish speakers on previous patrols.

“He was put down so he wouldn’t hurt himself or anyone else,” Sliwa said.

So, the Angels thought the man they detained was a migrant because he was a Spanish-speaking person who had been seen around other Spanish-speaking people in*checks notes*—New York City. 

Recently, a video was making the rounds that showed migrants in Times Square in a brawl with police officers on Jan. 27. This, predictably, sparked the outrage of “Build That Wall” America, which appears to be the reason the Guardian Angels (of white people doing Klan-ish things) invited themselves to the scene of the brawl more than a week after it happened so they can harass random people they catch speaking Spanish. (AP noted that “the city’s crime rate remains largely unchanged since the arrival of tens of thousands of asylum seekers.”)

At the end of the day, you show me a group of vigilantes who only police one particular demographic they suspect of one particular crime, and I’ll show you a mob of barely-closeted white supremacists operating through bigotry under the guise of protecting America.

And, unfortunately, “they’ve taken over!”


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