Vivica A. Fox Is ‘Wanting To Date,’ Sparking Raging Social Media Debate

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Vivica A. Fox is looking for love – and not afraid to talk about her search.

The iconic actress and producer recently said as much while interviewing with the Today Show about her desire to find a husband. Vivica sat down with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager in late April.

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While the interview primarily focused on Vivica’s current projects, including a Black comedy spoof film, Not Another Church Movie, the dialogue quickly turned to the actress’ personal life and dating. Vivica did not shy away from the topic.

Vivica A. Fox is putting it all out there and looking for a partner.

I’m wanting to date. But there are limited resources out there, right,” Vivica said, dressed in a black suit with multi-colored flower details on its blazer and pants. She smiled and added that she is “old-school” and prefers to meet people in person and see if sparks fly.

60-year-old actress #VivicaFox lists her criteria for a new potential beau in recent interview:

“I want someone that’s gonna be fun. That’s not intimidated by who and what I am.”

— All Tea All Shade (@TeaTimeTips2) May 29, 2024

Hoda and Jenna continued to ask Vivica about her search. The hosts asked for details about her ideal relationship and mate. The soon-to-be 60-year-old emphatically said she is looking for “a partner.”

They used an unflattering pic of Vivica Fox to clown her. comparing a pic of her in her 20s/30s to her now at 60 is foolish.
She like many women chose to pursue their goals/career over marriage/kids. If she wants to date now I’m sure she’s aware her pool of men won’t be the same

— cherisse moe (@cherissemoett) May 29, 2024

Vivica shared, “When I say a partner, I want someone who’s going to be fun, who’s not intimidated by who and what I am, who likes to travel, and who is going to let me go shopping.”

She also told the Today Show anchor pair that she is keeping her options open and “taking applications.”


— Vivica A. Fox (@MsVivicaFox) May 28, 2024

We are here for Vivica – who has had her share of past public relationships – unapologetically putting it out there and looking for her potential boo. Dating can be difficult no matter who you are, how young you may be, or how fly your swagger is. Speak it into existence, Sis!

The Vivica Fox discourse is so ridiculous. 1st, she looks great!
Jerry Hall was 59 when she married for the FIRST time – to 85 year old Rupert Murdoch, after she spent her youth chasing after cheating ass Mick Jagger and their 4 kids. There’s no age limit on finding love..

— NiskaMarie (@nolanisk) May 30, 2024

See last month’s interview below.

Of course, this topic isn’t new for anyone who’s been keeping tabs on it.

Before the self-proclaimed and controversial dating guru and image consultant Kevin Samuels died in 2022, he specifically singled out Fox and criticized her for being unmarried at her age.

Following the death of Samuels, Fox notably called him a “hypocrite” who “insulted African American women on a consistent basis.” Fox also said Samuels’ death was the result of “karma” and mocked the possibility “that he keeled over real quick” when he died alongside “a woman that we don’t yet know the nationality.”

Vivica A. Fox has little to no sympathy in the wake of Kevin Samuels’ untimely passing. Weighing in on the controversial YouTuber’s shocking death in a new episode of “Fox Soul”, the actress called it a “karma.”

Any Thoughts?#VivicaAfox #KevinSamuels #Lovelytitv

— lovelyti (@lovelyti) May 10, 2022


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