Watch Dexter Wade’s’ Funeral: Livestream Service For Black Man Secretly Buried After Mississippi Cop Killed Him

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The funeral for a Black man who was fatally run over by a Mississippi officer and secretly buried by local officials is being held on Monday, more than eight months after his death and amid accusations of a “coverup” in the state’s capital city.

Dexter Wade‘s funeral will also be livestreamed online so that people unable to attend will be able to pay their respects online to the 37-year-old whose family is demanding justice from Hinds County.

Keep reading to find out how to watch Dexter Wade’s homegoing service live on the internet.

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What happened to Dexter Wade?

Wade’s mother reported her son missing to the local police on March 5, when she last saw him. Little did she know that an off-duty police officer had fatally struck her son with a vehicle, after which Hinds County officials secretly buried him without notifying his family. It would take months before Wade’s mother would learn what happened to her son.

Several incidents since then have compounded what appears to be misconduct at the highest levels of the Hinds County government.

First, after Hinds County officials set a date and time to exhume Wade’s body, they reneged and secretly dug up his body from the “pauper’s grave” in which he was buried without his family being present, as was planned.

“This is further evidence of the cover-up,” attorney Ben Crump said of the exhumation from a pauper’s grave of Dexter Wade without his family’s presence.

— Ross Adams (@radamsWAPT) November 13, 2023

In that instance, Wade’s mother said the county had lied to her about her son twice.

“They put him in the ground without my permission. They dug him up without my permission — I want that to be known,” Bettersten Wade Robinson said during a press conference last week.

Mississippi police ran over Dexter Wade, a 37-year-old Black, killing him. Then, they buried his body in a pauper’s grave and failed to notify his family despite him having an ID on him at the time of his death. Dexter’s mother had been looking for him for months. Heartbreaking

— Allison Wiltz Psy.M. (@queenie4rmnola) November 17, 2023

Then, once Wade’s body was returned to his family, a pathologist conducted an independent autopsy that revealed several damning findings, including the following facts: his body was not embalmed; his body was in an advanced state of decomposition; his body appeared to have suffered multiple blunt force injuries to the skull, ribs and pelvis; and his left leg was amputated.

Perhaps the largest piece of evidence suggesting incompetence at best is the fact that Wade was buried with his wallet, which contained several identifying documents, including a state-issued ID card with his address, suggesting local officials could have notified his family with even the slightest effort.

A public apology

All of the above is why a Jackson city council member offered what appeared to be the first public apology from a local official who challenged his colleagues to vote to hold the county responsible for Wade’s death and its subsequent mishandling, WLBT reported.

“There’s a lot of red tape before you can bury someone on one of those pauper graves. I don’t want to cloud the issue. But I think it’s important that the city of Jackson stand up and be counted as we’re going to do the right thing,” Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes said in a statement. “I’m asking all members of the city council if you could find it in your heart to vote on this resolution Tuesday, that sends a message to the world that we are not cover-up people.”

Dexter Wade’s funeral

It was in that context that Wade’s funeral plans were being announced.

The Rev. Al Sharpton said in a press release emailed to NewsOne that he was scheduled to deliver the eulogy.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who is representing Wade’s family, is slated to deliver a call to action and demands for justice at the funeral.

The homegoing services have been scheduled to take place Monday morning at the New Horizon Church International in Jackson.

The funeral is scheduled to start at 11 a.m. CST, or noon EST.

The funeral is set to be livestreamed from the New Horizon Church International. Those wishing to pay their respects online can click here on Monday to watch Wade’s funeral or go to the church’s YouTube page by clicking here.

This article will be updated with additional livestreaming sources, check back often.

May Dexter Wade rest in peace.


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