White Man Seen Wearing ‘White Lives Matter More’ Shirt Arrested Over Alleged Racial Terrorism Incident

Source: Cass County Jail / Cass County Jail

A North Dakota man was arrested Tuesday on charges of terrorizing after he allegedly threatened and hurled racial slurs at a Black woman and others. According to The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, 63-year-old Gerald Knorr was at an Aldi grocery store in Fargo with his dog when he got into an altercation with Amina Haji, who was with her children and sister when she says Knorr’s dog started barking at her sister, who is afraid of dogs, and before long, Knorr started racially abusing both of them.

“The N-word was flying around, calling me all sorts of, like, ‘Oh, you’re terrorists, you don’t belong here, get out of my store, we don’t want you here,’” Haji told the Forum. “And then that’s when he started to say, ‘I’ll have my dog bite your face off.’”

Gerald Knorr, 63, was arrested and booked in the Cass County Jail for terrorizing. It was the second time in less than a week that he and his dog had a run-in with the Fargo Police Department. https://t.co/p77DQgxke0

— InForum (@inforum) October 5, 2023

OK, before we go any further, it should be noted that North Dakota is a very, very white state. It’s 88.6% white and less than 4% Black. How is anyone even this racist in a state where there virtually are no Black people and just barely any non-white people in general? Do y’all understand how far out of their way a racist would have to go to find an opportunity to be racist in either one of the Dakotas? You would have to plan a Juneteenth event and hope your white liberal friends bring their Black friends and also hope they don’t all bring the same Black friend. How does one even stay up with their anti-Black or anti-Muslim stereotypes in Fargo, North Dakota? They don’t even have enough people of color to have an experience-based frame of reference for racism.

Anyway, video footage shows Knorr threatening to have his dog attack Haji and her family. Haji told VNL he also loosened his dog’s leash and let it jump on her before an Aldi employee stepped in to defuse the situation—which the employee was unable to do. 

Haji said Knorr continued to follow the family around the store from a distance while shouting racial slurs at them. According to the Forum, he also went around threatening other people in the store before employees finally called the police. Knorr was arrested and taken to Cass County Jail while his poor dog whose only apparent crime was being owned by a violent racist was taken to the Fargo Pound.

To make matters worse, this was Forum and his dog’s second major run-in with law enforcement.

“This was Knorr and his dog’s second brush with police following a Sunday altercation with another family and their dog named Blue in a parking lot near the 13th Avenue Walmart,” a police report stated. “Jessie Davis, Blue’s owner, said after both dogs met each other, ‘he just started stabbing our dog,’ Davis said. Blue died as a result.”

Knorr hasn’t been arrested for that incident yet because Blue was reportedly off his leash and police say they have reason to believe Knorr stabbed the dog to protect himself and his own dog, which, at the very least, becomes a little less believable once you’ve seen the way he behaves after seeing more than three Black people in one place for the first time in his life. (I’m guessing. Again, there are no Black people where he lives.)

In fact, the most believable part of that story is, according to eye-witnesses, Knorr was seen wearing a “White Lives Matter More” shirt immediately after the stabbing. (Seriously though—what is that shirt even for? There could not possibly have been many Black Lives Matter protests in Fargo. They barely even have Black lives there.) 

Be safe out there, folks.


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