White Men Face Only Misdemeanor After Giving ‘Brain Injury’ To Black Woman They Brutally Beat In Minnesota

Michelle Folson’s belongings are shown following the alleged assault at Rustic Bar in Duluth, Minnesota. | Source: GoFundMe / GoFundMe

A pair of white men who police say were caught on video brutally beating a Black woman are only facing misdemeanor charges for the violence last month at a bar in Minnesota.

It took more than two weeks for Scott Rabold, 41, and Mylon Griak, 56, to each be arrested and charged with fifth-degree assault for allegedly brutalizing Michelle Folson at the Rustic Bar in Duluth nearly one month ago, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

Few details have been released in the case, but the violence first began between Folson, 39, and another woman at the bar before Griak and Rabold allegedly began assaulting Folson.

“According to the police report, officers found Folson, 39, near the West Duluth bar with injuries to her head and face. She was taken to a hospital by ambulance,” the Star Tribune reported. “Officers reviewed surveillance video that showed Folson getting beat up by the men, who knew the other woman involved.”

It was not immediately clear if Folson’s race played a role in the alleged assault.

Folson’s daughter, who started a crowdfunding effort to raise money to help support her mother’s recovery, said the other woman involved was white.

The Rustic Bar in Duluth, Minnesota. | Source: Google Maps

From the GoFundMe:

Witnesses have said a white man was seen stomping and kicking my mother in the head while she was on the ground, Her clothes and shoes have drag marks indicating she was dragged on her side and she woke up alone in the dark parking lot of the bar. Some how she made it to me I was at work about 4-5 minutes walking distance from the bar. My mother was cover in her own blood crying she was unaware of what happen to her she just kept repeating “someone attacked me help me what happen to me “. to see my mother like this has traumatized me and completely broken my heart.

They broke her nose on both sides they hit her so hard that her teeth went through her lip creating a hole she has two horrible swollen black eyes a cut between her eyebrows and a extremely swollen head, the amount of blood on her leads me to believe they left her for dead.

Allegedly, no one intervened a the violence was taking place.

Graphic images of Folson were shared on social media and should be viewed with discretion.


On the night of September 12, a shocking and brutal incident unfolded at the Rustic Bar in the Spirit Valley neighborhood of southwestern Duluth.

Michelle Folson, a victim of a vicious assault, endured a horrifying ordeal
that left her battered and unconscious.… pic.twitter.com/bF9lcHTT9P

— IG: RahiemShabazz (@rahiemshabazz) October 10, 2023

Folson has been diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome as well as a traumatic brain injury, her daughter added.

The City’s Attorney’s Office charged the men with the fifth-degree assault misdemeanor. The St. Louis County Attorney’s Office said it would not consider further criminal charges.

The maximum penalty for a conviction of fifth-degree assault is 90 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000, according to Minnesota statute.

The GoFundMe included photos of Folson’s white t-shirt and glasses that were both covered with blood splatters.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the crowdfunding effort had raised more than $19,000 of its $50,000 goal.


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